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Casino Gold HRS King Reviews [view details]

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"good cigar, but overpriced"
This cigar is good, but nothing to get excited about at this price point. I bought and smoked a 5 pack and had no issues.
scott in nevada April 1, 2014
"Incredible, surprisingly complex;Winner!"
Flawless construction,it made lots of effortless smoke. I tasted white pepper,cocoa,caramel,leather,and mint/walnut in the last third. It is not medium body; more at medium/full. I smoked at a normal pace and got over 2 hours of great flavour with an even burn/no touch ups. This is a fantastic cigar that will be a mainstay for me in the future. The combination of Habano wrapper and Cameroon binder is beautiful. Keep up the good work!
Bob C. in Plymouth, MA December 22, 2013
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