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CEM Dubnium The Cheshire Cat Reviews [view details]

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"CEM Dubmium Cheshire Cat"
The good points to this cigar are that if you like traditionals, this is a good one. It s not overly strong, nor is it harsh, or creamy. It s a nice middle-of-the-road smoke. The price is really good to. Construction is sturdy and allows for a buildup of quite a bit of ash. The texture of the wrapper is pretty smooth, like a fine cotton fabric. The few bad things happen to be that in being unique, they cigar has a terribly wide band on it that dosen;t comes off easily and can t be left on when smoking because of it s size. I suppose you could leave it on, but that might make things difficult. I m also not the biggest fan of box-pressed cigars. They don t fit as comfortably in my jaw. Lastly, the box is unique in it s art, but it s particleboard/clapboard. The drawbacks to this cigar are mostly cosmetic and preferential, but I think quite highly of it because it is constructed quite well and has a ncie traditional flavor that s not too bold, nor is it too weak.
Christopher in Bezy October 18, 2014
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