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"Do not buy"
This was my first humidor. I bought it because it was cheap enough for a starter, but you get what you pay for. The only Spanish cedar is a few small pieces in the top and the rest is of wood unknown. The humidity would never stay inside. I needed up trying every repair I could find online until I just gave up and got a coolidor. If you want a desktop humi I must suggest you get one of better quality.
in April 22, 2014
"Not The Best"
This humidor will keep the humidity at about 40. I ve had it for about 2 years and I have never had it keep a humidity level that is recommended. good for the price but i would never buy it again.
Ben in Nashville, TN February 11, 2014
"Not Bad. Good back up Humidor"
Bought this as a primary humidor but my cigar collections keeps growing so I had to buy a lager humidor. If your looking for a good backup or low count humidor this one will work. Keeps a good seal and temp and humidity was not an issue.
Anthony in California June 2, 2013
"Humidor is decent but..."
I bought this humidor as a back-up, after buying a few dozen more cigars than I had room for. The humidor is well made. If you plan on using this to store cigars, you'll need to order additional humidification. Recommend adding the Xikar Crystal Humidifier Round and an upgraded hygrometer.
JB in Centreville, VA December 17, 2012
"Good starter with great finish"
Works as a great starter humidor and beautiful finish. Looks great in my dining room as a humidor and accent peice.
Todd in Las Vegas June 10, 2010
"A first"
As my first humidor and reading up on humidor knowledge this was a good buy. Great beginner item simple set-up. Only advice would be to order humidor only because it requires seasoning time (at least two weeks).
Angel R in El Paso January 31, 2010