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Cheyenne Vanilla Flavor (20)
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Cheyenne Classic Flavor 100's (20)
"Its ok"
ok well its ok if ur cheap and dont want cigs sure buy these but maybe a one time buy for me
joe in AZ November 10, 2012
Cheyenne Vanilla Flavor (20)
"Amazing Cigar"
I love these cigars their better then golden harvest the filter doesn't start to melt as you get closer to the filter there very good taste on a scale of 1-10 10 is my answer :) :)
Donovan Sanborn in Maine May 2, 2012
Cheyenne Peach Flavor (20)
"Pretty good for price"
This was the first "cigar" i've tried. the flavor is really good and it was just relaxing to smoke it. Didn't cough or anything my first time
Ben in Utica October 16, 2011
Cheyenne Wild Cherry (20)
"Damn good stuff"
I dont normally smoke little cigars but with the price they were at,$1.99 a pack, i gave them a try. They have a nice cherry flavor, nice smooth tobacco flavor, and just overall good smoke
Chad in Maine June 23, 2011
Cheyenne Vanilla Flavor (20)
"Good flavor"
These are reply good for the price of them the taste in your mouth is like a cigarette-vanilla but dang I smoked one 2 day ago and my house still smell like the day I smoked it. It is the best smell and taste for the price. Highly recommended for a quick 5 min break at work.
Cj January 7, 2011
Cheyenne Menthol 10/20
I smoke wild cherry, and i bought a pack of these to see how they were. Horrible, they're basically flavored with menthol, its like smoking a Halls, but if you smoke cigarettes and want a cheaper alternative that taste a bit better then a Mavrick, here ya go.
Chris in NY December 27, 2010
Cheyenne Peach Flavor (20)
"was up"
Ok flavor, good burn and I love the drag u can get off these.
wesley November 29, 2010
Cheyenne Full Flavor (20)
These were cigarettes made to look like cigars. The only flavor you could get was a bitter and unpleasant taste after having to puff on it several times. was also a pain to light. If you want cheyennes, get the blueberry flavored. they're much better than these knockoffs...
Jordan in MA October 18, 2010
Cheyenne Xotic Berry (20)
"My Favorite Little Cigar."
Cheyenne's line of flavored cigars are one of the best I've found thus far, and for the price these are really hard to beat for me. I have also tried a few of Santa Fe's flavored cigars and they aren't even worth touching to throw them away, and for some reason there a buck more! I do not like the chemically taste of cigarettes and these have almost no traces of chemicals in them at all. Highly recommended.
Benj in Kaysville, UT August 30, 2010
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