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"better then expected"
for the price they were OK but they seemed more like a cigarette then a cigar
janos in flordia June 10, 2014
These ain't my first small cigars. I've tried the captain blacks as well as the swisher sweets. Right off the bat, for the price these beat swisher sweets. Smoke body and flavor is quite solid but the drag on the filters were quite immense. Onto the 8th pack of the carton and I must say, i'm getting quite bored over the taste, nothing special but worth the try.
Arnold in Hawaii November 29, 2012
These were cigarettes made to look like cigars. The only flavor you could get was a bitter and unpleasant taste after having to puff on it several times. was also a pain to light. If you want cheyennes, get the blueberry flavored. they're much better than these knockoffs...
Jordan in MA October 18, 2010
its ok to similar to a cigarrets if u ask me id rather just smoke a marlboro that these things although they are pretty cheap
rick in why do u care November 2, 2009
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