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Cheyenne Heavy Weights Reviews

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Cheyenne H/W Cherry (20)
"cheap and cherry!"
Not the best draw but these are the cheap and well worth your time and what little money you will have to spend on them Don t go int it expecting a Cuban... or a traditional cigar at that, it tastes like cherry and a little sweet American tobacco. You do have to remember that these are not like cigarettes and will not go out when you stop puffing on them as it isn t loaded with carpet glue! and the granular filter is a clay just like a charcoal filter but rather than charcoal it is clay.
stingey smoker in on my smoke break. September 5, 2014
Cheyenne H/W Menthol (20)
"Changed For The Worst"
Your cat litter or whatever you put in the filters is choking me and my wife. Smoked for years this brand no more. You also pack them so tight you can t get them to smoke you half to try lousen them to smoke. There terrible.
Steve Castle in Galion, OH November 29, 2013
Cheyenne H/W Menthol (20)
These are the worst of the worst. If I could put what I REALLY wanted to on 'draw' it would be -10. Terrible. Be careful to always TRIPLE check when you're ordering.
McQs August 4, 2013
Cheyenne H/W Full Flavor (20)
"very difficult to draw"
too difficult to draw.
Robert Mnier in United States November 20, 2012
Cheyenne H/W Menthol (20)
I accidentally purchased these not realizing they were 'Heavy Weight'. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get a good draw on my smoke, then I saw the HW on the pack n' thought WTF. The filter felt odd so I busted it open n' these lil' rocks came pouring out.. WTF is the point of that? Now I have to rip off half my filter on the rest of these horrid abominations t get a decent draw. Next time I'll pay more attention when buying!!
Gabriel in Richmond, VA October 1, 2012
Cheyenne H/W Menthol (20)
If i hadn't looked at your site real careful this time i would have ended up with 2 more cartons of these shitty smokes! when i got me first order last week the first thing i noticed was they felt heavy. and wtf does the hw mean on the box? aaaah....THEY WERE HEAVY WEIGHTS!!! so i just ordered 2 cartons of REGULAR cheyenne menthols.. i think you have it backwards strength wise cause these things are like sucking wind!! the regular one's are the heavy weights.
john in illinois August 11, 2012
Cheyenne H/W Menthol (20)
These cigars are horrible to attempt to smoke and feel like a waste of money. They're extremely light and the double sand-filled filter make i t nearly impossible to get any pleasure or flavor let alone smoke from this cigar. These cigars are less than half the strength of the regular cigars and a big waste of money.
Kristen in Providence, RI July 21, 2012
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