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"Great filtered cigar:"
Burn: The cigar burns at a very slow pace, and lasts much longer than cigarettes of comparable size. Consistency: Every Cheyenne filtered cigar that I have ever smoked has held consistently, the same pleasurable experience. Draw: The draw is very accommodating to how much smoke you wish to draw from the filter. It is not difficult to draw from, but is rather light and can be sucked on just a little harder for more body. Appearance: The packaging is very old school, and depicts a hawk or eagle soaring through the Cheyenne Mountain Valley. In this case, the backdrop is a dark red to stress the wild cherry flavor. The actual cigar looks very classy and appealing to varying tastes. Taste: The taste of cherry does not last very long with this cigar, as the tip is flavored, and it wears off on your lips. Otherwise, is tastes like a very mellow tobacco, that is not too harsh, or too week. The smell however, is a very consistent cherry aroma. Construction: The construction of the packaging is what you would expect from a typical cigarette package; it is cardboard, wrapped in plastic which can be removed or left on. I like to leave it on to keep it from falling apart, as I hold on to packs for a month or longer. and is also the same size as a cigarette package. Overall, these cigars are a very nice treat on the weekends, and a very consistent smoke whenever you need to wind down on the back deck at the end of a day.
Stephen in March 2, 2014
"Simply Super!"
Simply SUPER! I have been looking for Cheyenne Wild Cherry at a variety of stores and smoke shops around my area. Not one carries Cheyenne except the menthol and regular blend. So glad to find Famous Smoke Shop online that I can order from.
Dan in Illinois August 28, 2013
"Like smoking a urinal cake"
Man, do they roll these around in. cherry urinal cake scented sugar or is it the kitty litter filters? If you want to quit smoking, buy a pack of these, you will never want to smoke again! Cherry, its so gross!
Jen in usa March 23, 2013
"These are simply amazing."
The first time I ever heard of Cheyenne mini cigars was when I was about 14. My mother started smoking them because they were cheaper than her Newports. She tried every flavor that was available at the time, and my favorite to this day is the Wild Cherry because it leaves a lovely and non-choke-y smell in the air. Now that I've started smoking, I smoke these, too. They don't make me feel sick when I'm done because they don't leave a bad taste, either.
Melody in Pennsylvania January 23, 2013
"Damn good stuff"
I dont normally smoke little cigars but with the price they were at,$1.99 a pack, i gave them a try. They have a nice cherry flavor, nice smooth tobacco flavor, and just overall good smoke
Chad in Maine June 23, 2011
"Better than the price suggests"
These filter cigars are better than the Swisher Sweet filters. They don't numb your tongue or have a bad after taste. If you buy a pack (20 cigars), either smoke them within a week, or keep them properly humidified, because they will get stale and gross!!! They burn pretty quick, but have good draw.
jbev719 in New Hampshire February 2, 2010
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Draw (93) 100
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10 Appearance (93) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (96) 100
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