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Whether it’s tools for better enjoying your cigars or the things you need to smoke cigars in the first place, we offer cigar gifts and miscellaneous cigar accessories for every type of cigar smoker on the planet! Discount cigar sets, mints, cigar holders, ashtrays and cigar cutters are all available with big Famous Smoke Shop discounts…and there are cigar accessories for everyone! Start your cigar gift wishlist – or don’t wait, and get the best cigar accessories today at a price you’ll love.
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Cigar Accessories

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Humidifying Devices
Boveda 72% Humidity 12 Pack [HD-BOV-72PK]
12 Per Carton
In Stock
A stable environment is the KEY to healthy cigars. Using an exclusive 2-way process, the Bóveda 72% packet guarantees a constant humidity level in your humidor so your cigars' natural oils and sugars are preserved, allowing them to age gracefully. Easy to use! Mildew, mold and bacteria...
Humidifying Devices
Boveda 72% 20 Count Bulk Bag [HD-BOV-72BULK]
20 Count Resealable Bag
In Stock
How often have you struggled to keep your humidor at the proper humidity level? Now, with Bóveda, those days are over. Endorsed by the cigar industry's top professionals, Bóveda is the world's first 2-way humidity control for desktop humidors. Available in a variety of applications: Humidity control, seasoning, and hygrometer Bóveda eliminates the guesswork, constant monitoring, and anxiety that can crop-up while trying to maintain optimum conditions your cigar humidor....
Humidifying Liquids
The Monster Venom Solution 3 Pack 8 ounce per bottle [HL-FVH-VENOM3PK]
Regulates Humidor to 70%
On Sale! $8.95
In Stock
Monster Venom humidification solution is the ideal treatment for all standard cigar humidifiers. A well-balanced mix of polyglycol and distilled water will help keep your cigars in the 70% (RH) comfort zone, while also helping to prevent bacteria and mold growth. Order this money-saving 3-pack...
Tobacco Bags
Criss Cross Smooth Blend Pipe Tobacco 16oz. [TB-CRI-SMOO16]
Smooth 16oz Bag
Criss Cross Smooth pipe tobacco is made from domestically-grown, medium-cut tobaccos for a smooth light tobacco flavor. Criss Cross Smooth can also be used for making roll your own, and make your own smokes. Add a bag to your cart now at a low, money-saving...

Tobacco Bags
Criss Cross Original Flavored Pipe Tobacco 16oz. [TB-CRI-ORIG16]
Original 16oz Bag
In Stock
Criss Cross Original pipe tobacco is made from domestically-grown, medium-cut tobaccos for a smooth, full-flavored smoke. Criss Cross Original can also be used for making roll your own, and make your own smokes. Add a bag to your cart now at a low, money-saving...
Cigar Cases
Le Tube 3 Cigar Pocket Cigar Case [CC-LET-3PAK]
Black Telescoping Plastic
On Sale! $6.95
In Stock
This durable pocket travel case is one of the most affordable ways to safely tote up to 3 of your favorite cigars. Made of sturdy poly-vinyl, it easily telescopes to the length of most any cigar and locks in freshness with an airtight seal. Order this steal of a deal, and hit the road...
Gift Certificates
$50.00 Gift Certificate [GC-FGC-0050]
In Stock
Can't decide what to get that special cigar-smoker you know or love? Get them a Gift Certificate! This one for $50 will really help stretch their budget. Do something nice for someone and pick one up now. Please note: Gift Certificates are ONLY valid online or the Humidor at Leaf...
Romeo Y Julieta Stinky Ashtray [AT-ROR-STINKY]
In Stock
Romeo y Julieta Stinky Ashtrays are the perfect gift for yourself or the cigar fanatic you know. The chalice-like design gives the ashtray a regal look while offering a deep bowl for your ash to fall safely inside. With 4 holsters its perfect for sharing a smoke with your buddies! Pick yours up...

Humidifying Devices
Cigar Oasis Excel 300 Cigar [HD-OAS-NA11000]
300 Cigar Himidifier
On Sale! $89.95
In Stock
Made for up to 300 cigar humidors (or 4 cu ft.), the Cigar Oasis Excel is the original and only sealed humidifier you can buy. Ribbon cable powered; extra-long lasting cartridge; maintenance-free, long term humidity control that reaches every cigar equally. Buy the best and order yours...
Humidifying Devices
Cigar Oasis Plus [HD-OAS-NA22000]
Up to 1000 Cigars
On Sale! $99.95
In Stock
Made for up to 1000 cigar capacity humidors (or up to 10 cu ft.), the Cigar Oasis Plus is THE most powerful electronic humidifier you can buy. Ribbon cable powered; powerful fan evenly circulates humidity throughout the humidor; maintenance free, and more! Priced affordably, too! Get yours...
Humidifying Devices
Xikar Drymistat Humidifier [HD-XIK-DRY]
25 Cigar Humidifier
On Sale! $9.95
In Stock
This XiKAR Drymistat tube uses polyglycol crystals and distilled water to keep up to 25 cigars fresh. Moisture is released through the cap and millions of microscopic pores in the tube. Perfect for use in humidors and factory-made cigar boxes. Safe, clean and economical. Order one...
Tobacco Bags
Criss Cross Mint Flavored Pipe Tobacco 16oz. [TB-CRI-MINT16]
Mint 16oz Bag
In Stock
Criss Cross Mint pipe tobacco is a smooth-smoking, domestically-grown, medium cut tobacco that can also be used for roll your own and make your own smokes. Order a bag now at our LOW everyday prices and enjoy a fresh, minty tasting...

Cigar Cutters
Tabletop Large Cigar Scissor [CU-FIR-SC010]
Stainless Steel
In Stock
Cigar scissors are the most efficient way to cut your cigars. They cut cigars of practically every size, and are great for cutting off soggy cigar tips or dead, burnt ends. Sharp, easy-to-use, and affordable. Order a pair now to add to your other cigar cutters for that 'professional'...
Montecristo Stinky Ashtray [AT-MTC-STINKY]
In Stock
Montecristo premium cigars present the legendary Cuban cigar in a mild Dominican 'exile' series that defies comparison to the Havanas. Each rich-tasting cigar sports a silky, golden wrapper that burns beautifully with a marvelously sweet aroma, and the...
H.Upmann Stinky Ashtray [AT-HUP-STINKY]
In Stock
Stinky Ashtrays set a new standard. The 8 Original model is a deep 3 1/4 bowl made of heat-resistant stainless steel. Its curved stirrups hold even the largest cigars safely above the ashes and bands. What's more, it sports the H. Upmann logo with a matte black finish. It screams...
Humidifying Devices
Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 [HD-OAS-NA33000]
100 Cigar Humidifier
In Stock
Made for up to 100 cigar capacity desktop humidors (1.5 cubic feet), the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 is the most efficient electronic humidifier you can buy. Lid mounted; small footprint, ribbon cable powered; internal rechargeable battery, maintenance-free and more. Order yours now and buy the...

Gift Certificates
$200.00 Gift Certificate [GC-FGC-0200]
In Stock
Famous Smoke Shop Gift Certificates are one of the best ways to show a cigar smoker you like, or love, just how much you care. A lot of customers who want to buy cigars for their friends and family don't always know what cigars the person smokes. What better way to treat them to their favorite cigar brands than by sending them one of valuable vouchers. Ranging in value from $10 - $500 there's a Famous gift certificate to fit your budget. They're good for humidors and accessories, too!...
Tobacco Bags
Dark Horse Regular Pipe Tobacco 16oz. [TB-DRK-REG16]
16 Ounce Bag
In Stock
Dark Horse Regular pipe tobacco its distinctive, original flavor and...
Humidifying Devices
Boveda 75% Humidity 12 Pack [HD-BOV-75PK]
12 Per Carton
In Stock
Making sure your cigars are fresh and stable is a breeze with this value-priced box of 12 Boveda humidity packs - a year's supply! Perfect for keeping your humidor well-seasoned, if you like your cigars a little more supple, this pack will keep 'em at a consistent 75% RH. Ideal for travel,...
Tobacco Bags
Southern Steel Mellow Flavored Pipe Tobacco 15oz. [TB-SST-MELL16]
Mellow 15oz Bag
American-made Southern Steel pipe tobaccos blend tradition, value, and modern sophistication to pipe smokers, as well as smokers who like to roll their own at reasonable prices. Only premium quality, domestically-grown tobaccos are used in each blend for a superior smoking experience. Choose the flavor that's right for you and add a bag Southern Steel tobacco to your cart now....
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