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Cigar Caddy 3240 Black Reviews [view details]

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I used this on a deployment and treated it like a red headed step child. Zero issued with it at all! I used boveda packs, which worked well. I kept the foam divider in it to hold my lighter and cutter without ruining my sticks, It easily fit 5 60 rings plus the lighter/cutter with extra room to spar. highly recommend.
Wes in California December 17, 2012
i had purchased one of these for use on a trip. depending upon stick lengths, one can possibly fit more than just 10 sticks. rather than use the foam humidifier enclosed, i used a small size Boveda humipak for each sponge "tray". hold humidity very well, i've even managed to sit on this particular travel humi as an impromptu seat and i'm 200lb-ish. a great buy
gtrisfun in honolulu, HI November 9, 2012