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Cigar Savor Double Guillotine Reviews [view details]

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thought that I would only be using it infrequently... Do not waste your $5. This cutter is flimsy, and will give a crooked and sloppy cut. Sure to ruin an otherwise good smoke.
Christian in Colorado March 30, 2013
"Great Cutter"
Very nice cutter. Very sharp. Even tried cutting a thin slice and it did.
Royce in abq, NM December 23, 2012
"Not sharp and blades stick"
I bought this cutter because of the good reviews and I needed a cutter. It was worth the 5 bucks for the month that it lasted. The blade came really dull and it got really gunky even with regular cleaning.
Quinn in Norfolk, Nebraska September 20, 2012
"Not bad!"
Needed a $10 excuse to get a free perk, don't remember what exactly. Bought two of these because I needed one to cut a Nub. Wow! For $5, you cannot beat this? Cut my Nub 460 with no issue and did it well. Plus, I have two, so I can pass one around and don't have to worry about it disappearing! Don't just get one, get two!
Ben in February 29, 2012
"Works GREAT!"
If you're considering a Xikar X8, consider this instead. It's a quarter of the price and works better; I have both.
Greg in PA January 30, 2012
"Great Cutter for Price"
This is a great cutter for the price. I have tried many different cutters at higher and lower prices. THis cutter does a great job on both large and small ring size cigars.
Richard Lee in Centreville July 21, 2011
"Great Cutter!!!"
I've used several cutters ranging from $50-$1 and this by far is one of the best I've had, yeah even better then my xikars. I probably cut around 100 cigars until it got dull thus I just bought another one, hell there only $5.
Josh in Indiana November 23, 2010
"Didn't Work For Me"
I bought this based upon the 3 good reviews. After only a few cigars, this thing began to mangle my caps. And I didn't even carry it around in my pocket so it's not like it dulled from beating against keys or coins. For me, it's not even worth $5.
Drew in Citrus Heights, CA January 10, 2010
"Does The Job"
For the price, it would be hard to beat. Easy enough to use, and works well. 9/10
Sam T in San Diego CA December 19, 2009
"Not bad at all."
For the price I have not used one that is better. Good solid construction. I have made 12 cuts so far, blades seem to hold their edge. This is one I would recommend to someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money for a cutter, for someone looking for one to leave in the car, or to take on trips.
Matt in KS August 4, 2009