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"Excellent lighter"
Excellent lighter with perfect sharp punch. Lights in the wind, never failed for the last two years and going strong. As with all butane lighters, use high filtered gas and in cold weather keep it in your pocket to help the gas expand.
Joel knight in Mississippi March 21, 2013
"Worked for a year"
I've had one for a year and I liked it for it's capacity, flame, size and punch. I even used it for some soldering on my motorcycle. Prior to it's failure my only real complaint was that it wouldn't work at altitude in mountains over about 6 or 7 thousand feet. It just wouldn't light. It has now failed. I took it apart and cleaned it but no luck. I may get another and just not expect more than a year. Acceptable for the price I guess.
Tom in S. Fla January 26, 2013
"Worked well--for one year"
A solid lighter, but not durable. These (supposedly) have a lifetime warranty...am in the process of returning it to Altadis USA for replacement
Gary R in Ohio October 10, 2012
"Great lighter and punch"
The finest torch lighter and punch I ever owned. It does take a little common sense to adjust....
Jim in Dittmer,Mo August 18, 2012
"works fine for me"
this lighter is legit. all u need to do is adjust the flame at the bottom, a good 3 clicks should light it. sick flame too
in February 22, 2012
"it works, and it's yellow"
The tricky thing was discovering the flame adjustment is the black collar around the refill nozzle, *not* the tiny screw next to it. Filled it w/ Lotus butane, turned up the flame, and it lit right up. Stiff, but not too uncomfortable to strike up. Plus it is YELL-ow. And the outside is slightly rubberized.
Jerry in Queens February 21, 2012
"Don't waste your money"
A friend and I both received this items as part of a larger purchase. Neither of us can get them to work. Don't waste your money
Robert in Boise January 27, 2012
"Simply Does Not Work"
A friend and i both purchased these and will have to find something else. They just will not light consistently
Robert in Boise January 3, 2012
"Decent machine"
Got this lighter free in a SIGLO sampler, works a lot better than previous editions. 4 of 5 stars.
Bill in Worcester County November 28, 2011