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"I love it"
No,you can not use it on the big cigars. I did notice it does well on the tighter,rolled,smaller cigars.For the first scissors I have used;I love it.
Autumn in USA October 1, 2012
"not worth it"
The scissors are dull and the product doesnt give a clean cut
Paul in September 7, 2012
"Don't waste your money"
These scissors do not give a clean cut.
Marty in San Diego August 3, 2012
"great scissors a small price"
i should have purchased scissors years ago.
z man in loganville ga. July 26, 2011
"to small for 50 g."
If you buy any cigar scissors you must do the following. This is not for cutting a straight line off a cigar, will not work. Close the scissors until you see a oval eye , a slanted eye, only use that at the end of the cigar, close the unit to that position and that gently position at the cigar end cap. It is for making a cat eye cut and shallow at that. This was the way a cigar was to be cut and not chop off a 1/4 inch, just the cap should be cut this way with a sort of slit and all is good. If you must do a straight 1/4 inch cut only a lonsdale or smaller. If you use it correctly it can cut even a 60 gauge, you will see.
dan in ca st April 16, 2011
"Too Small"
Scissors are to small to cut a 50 ring gauge cigar. Also, not as sharp as I hoped. They are pretty, and come with a gift box. Could be a good gift for someone who smokes smaller ring gauge cigars exclusively. Didn't work for me though.
Robert Burton in Victoria TX March 10, 2011