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Buyer’s Guide Sampler #6

11 of the best cigar values for your buck!
GARY: Why don’t you just make it ten cigars and make ten be the top number and make that a great deal?
HUMBERTO: [pause]. .
.These go to eleven.
That’s right. 11 cigars – each a fantastic buy on its own – yet now you
can enjoy them all in one sampler at a great price. You get cigars from
the top names in the business, plus cigars from such illustrious
blenders as Don Pepin Garcia, Jesus Fuego, Nestor Plasencia, Abe Flores
& Juan Rodriguez, and more. Order yours now and give yourself a
great gift for the Holidays.

Everyday Price: $48.99 • Retail Price: $65.07

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Arturo Fuente 858 Flor Fina MaduroArtorius Grand RobustoCapoeira ProfessorCAO CX2 RobustoFinal Blend Robusto MaduroLa Floridita Fuerte RobustoMi Barrio El BilleteroOliva Serie G RobustoPadron 3000Rocky Patel American Market RobustoFamous VSL Dominican Robusto


Clipping your cigars: Make sure you get enough cap

cigar smoker has a preference in terms of how they clip their cigars.
The key is, try to expose as much of the cap as possible without taking
out the shoulders. Not doing so may lead to an uneven burn due to
irregular air flow. Removing too much could cause the cigar to unravel.
Therefore, don’t just snip the head of your cigar with the speed of a
bartender opening a beer bottle on a busy night. Instead, clip the cap
carefully by slowly squeezing and gently twisting the cutter. If you
position the blades in just the right spot, the cap should literally pop
off in a near perfect circle.

What makes a cigar a
“best buy?”

By Gary Korb

For this December
issue of our Buying Guide, we thought it would be fitting to bring you
some of the best buys, and arguably, some of the best cigars of the
year. That said, you can argue ad-infinitum over what makes a cigar “the
best,” but it’s a lot easier to agree on “value.” Therefore, a “best
buy” isn’t necessarily the best cigar; it’s a cigar that offers
consistently good quality and flavor at a reasonable price.

Take this Buyer’s
Guide Sampler #6 for example. Five of the cigars are by Arturo Fuente,
CAO, Oliva, Padron, and Rocky Patel. Most experienced cigar smokers
would recognize these names instantly. Why? Because, high-rating scores
and awards aside, they have proven to be companies that consumers trust
to produce well-made and flavorful cigars year after year. Of the
remaining cigars, five were released within the last year. They may not
have instantly recognizable brands on their collars, but they’ve been
blended by tabaqueros who have earned the respect of their peers, and
some of the blenders, such as Don Pepin, Jesus Fuego and Nestor
Plasencia, market cigars under their own names. That reason alone makes
them at least worth trying. The point is, you don’t have to spend a lot
of money or go with a “name brand” to get a good or even a great cigar.

Most cigar smokers
start out by choosing name brands for the reason I noted above –
reputation. However, some name brands can take a big bite out of your
budget, and like most consumers, cigar smokers want the most for their
money, too.

By educating yourself
about “alternative” cigars, you can buy cigars which, for the most part,
have the same high quality tobaccos, craftsmanship and flavor with
confidence. After all, when you think about it, you’re getting name
brand cigars without the name brand price. Plus, in this case, you’re
getting the best buys of both worlds. And so it goes…

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