Famous Sampler Programs: ‘Best Of’ Cigar Samplers

In this series of blogs, I’ll explain how these sampler programs work, what the benefits are, and hopefully, make the case for you to give them a try.

Last week, I wrote about Samplers by Strength. This week I’m going to focus on another unique sampler program: “Best Of “Cigar Samplers.

Like all our cigar sampler programs, this one focuses on a common theme. In this case, most of the samplers feature the best cigars from a given manufacturers. It offers an affordable way to try or stock up on cigars made by your favorite cigar makers, brands, and wrappers.

For instance, many “Best Of” samplers are made by one manufacturer. The “Best Of Oliva” sampler contains a pair-each of Famous 70th Anniversary by Oliva, NUb Habano, Oliva Serie G, Serie O, and Serie V Ligero cigars.

Similarly, some “Best Of” samplers contain cigars from several different lines of one brand. The “Best Of La Floridita” sampler is one such, containing 4-each of our La Floridita Fuerte, La Floridita Limited Edition, and regular La Floridita and La Floridita Maduro.

Lastly, the “Best Of Maduro” sampler features 20 cigars, including a pair-each of 601 Habano Oscuro Green, CAO Brazilia, Cuvee 151, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve, Padrón, and many more.

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