Famous Sampler Programs: ‘Wise Buys’ Cigar Samplers

In this series of blogs, I’ll explain how these sampler programs work, what the benefits are, and hopefully, make the case for you to give them a try.

Earlier this week, I wrote about “Best Of “Cigar Samplers. Today we’ll focus on another unique cigar sampler program, Wise Buys. Of special note is that all Wise Buy Samplers are on sale this weekend only, Friday October 1st through Sunday, October 3rd.

Many cigar smokers don’t realize that they could be saving literally hundreds, while still enjoying cigars of similar quality, made in the same factories, by the same tabaqueros, using tobaccos of identical or near-identical quality.

Wise Buys offer one-part cigar comparison, and one-part entertainment. Each sampler contains 5 cigars from a highly-rated national brand, and 5 comparable Famous Value Priced Alternatives. What’s more, each is named after a gangster with a description to match.

The Famous alternatives were chosen by our crack team of cigar-chomping employees, and each makes a very convincing case for our Famous Value Brands!

With 20 Wise Buys samplers (and more on the way),
there’s surely a Wise Buy sampler to suit your flavor and strength preference. If you can find it, you could find yourself with a lot more money in your pocket!

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John Pullo

John Pullo

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