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CLE Corojo Reviews

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CLE Corojo Robusto
"Red Pepper Bomb"
The stogie I got says CLE Corojo 2012 on the band. Not sure if this means it's the 2012 release or the 2012 vintage, but the stick tastes way too young and out of balance for my licking, showing overwhelming red pepper particularly on the aftertaste and some wood, followed by faint sweet undertones on the second third, and then turning a little bitter on the last third. Maybe I should have expected such a pepper bomb from a Corojo by the former maker of Camacho. Nicotine level is at the high end. Burnt well to the nub. If you re a fan of the entry-level Perdomos including the 10th Anniversary line or of Nestor Plasencia s Casino Gold, then I think you will like these even better; they re more loosely rolled but better burning and with more flavor.
An anonymous smoker January 27, 2014
CLE Corojo 11/18
"Great stick. Gifted one bought a box"
Christian Eiroa hit the mark with this one. Great flavors. Nice draw and tons of aroma filled smoke. A friend gave me this on a fishing trip and I loved it. As an old school smoker this new breed was a great change
Jack Pryce in Chicago August 16, 2013
CLE Corojo 60x6
"Beautiful Smoke"
This was my first of the CLE line. . . . Corojo 60x6. ?Here Dre `try this. Oh thanks Keith?. Solid looking smoke, the construction alone lets you know that this is not for the weak at heart. Full body lover only apply. I don?t review cigars, who am I to judge, however. I buy them, smoke them, like them, hate them. It?s a hit or miss for me. I do enjoy a full body smoke and this one was a joy to smoke. Simple stated a great draw. A very light draw and the flavor deliver. The smoke started off as a medium body smoke. Then about half way through the stick, it reintroduced itself to me as a full body smoke. Like having two smokes wrapped into one. The transition to the second smoke came on oh so pleasingly, very nice. Everything about this stick was awesome. No morning after taste, prefect burn, great looking stick, with taste to match. There you have, great stick and ya heard it here first.
Andre Everett in St Louis July 2, 2013
CLE Corojo Robusto
This cigar is absolutely incredible. Rich, smokey, creamy... Everything you can possibly look for in a cigar. Definitely a step above Camacho. This will definitely be in my humidor for a good while.
Jon in New Jersey March 5, 2013
CLE Corojo 11/18
"Smooth and Quite Rounded"
This is a very nice medium intensity smoke. Quite smooth and it only gets better halfway down. The only complaint I have is that the stick starts off rather one dimensional in flavor and builds up. The flavors build quickly but my first impression on 15-20 sloow puffs is that it was lacking the oompf out of the gate. Much like the Ultra Premium Honduran's, this stick is flawless in construction and draw. For the price there are some better buys, but I think CLE is on to a winning blend here.
Christopher in Mid West USA December 21, 2012
CLE Corojo 11/18
"One of the Best!!"
Well constructed with a slightly larger midsection. It fits nicely in you hand. very smooth some spices,sweetness and a relaxing smooth stick. Very complex, slow burning loads of smoke and aroma. Smoked it to a nub
BertBoyd in Roanoke,VA November 15, 2012
CLE Corojo Corona
This medium bodied corona latest 1 1/2 hours! How is that possible from such a small cigar. I think this is my new favorite, and size. Not exceedingly peppery, but enough corojo spice, and blend of flavors to make this a delicious cigar from beginning to end. One of those candidates for the cigar needle thingy to smoke it down until your lips are on fire. Highly recommended.
Matthew in San Diego September 18, 2012
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