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Coffee 6 Pack #2 (3x2) Reviews [view details]

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"Somewhat disappointed"
received coffee 6 pack. So far, only questionable stick is the SoloCafe. Too mild & very little taste. Will stick with Isla del Sol.
chris s in florida March 23, 2012
"Overal for this 6 pack is a 8.5"
I normally a Drew Estate Pureist, but I love coffee flavor Cigars. The Titiana Mocha was a pleasant suprise. Overall the Mocha are the best out of the sampler. But Isla Del Sol, was a great smoke. Since there are multiple brands Ill refrain from given a detail review. But if you are a flavor Cigar man, and you enjoy Coffee infused Cigars, these are a must have for your collection. The Solo Cafe were my least favorite out of the 3 different brands, but still a great smoke. Titianna Mocha-9.5 Isla Del Sol- 9 Solo Cafe- 8.0 Hope this help you.
Jay Boen in Texas November 10, 2011
"Mixed bag"
Overall this was a nice sampler. The Isla Del Sol and the Tatiana were both really beautiful sticks with good flavor and burn. The Solo Cafe had nice sweetness and burned slow and even, but both sticks I received had a very tight draw to them.
Terrence in Dillsburg, PA August 30, 2011
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