Coffee Wingman #1 Cigar Sampler

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Even if you're not into flavored cigars, the two brands in this Wingman sampler are worth trying. Coffee and cigars are a natch match, and the Java and Tabak Especiale (both by Drew Estate) are rolled with rich-tasting Nicaraguan longfillers brimming with an infusion of dark roast coffee. Nice!
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"Tunneling Problem "
The first two Drew Estates/RP Java S had severe tunneling issues. It's not my hu... more
Steve in Los Angeles
"Great Smokes ! "
Both of these cigars have a rich, coffee aroma and taste and burn beautifully. I... more
Mark L. in Loganville, GA
"Good smokes "
These are some good smokes. I am glad I tried them. The Tabak Especiales have b... more
Paul in Northern VA
"Outstanding cigars and offer "
Anyone who knows anything about these cigars knows that the Java and the Tabak e... more
Brian C. in Bensalem PA.
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