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Cohiba Black Reviews

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Cohiba Black Travel Case Gigante 3 Pack
"Beautiful Case, Second Best Cohiba to Smoke"
Bought because of the case, was waiting for it for over a year to become available. Worth the 72 bucks twice. $22 bucks per stick plus like $60 for the case. The Gigante is a delicious smoke that isn't as strong as it looks. Medium to full at most. A little spice to it that hints to aged cigar. Enjoy.
Cpt. Toro in New York, NY October 6, 2014
Cohiba Black Gigante
"Great Cigar down to a 60 gauge roach!"
This cigar is a great, but not for novice. It has nice even draw, with an even burn down to a 60 gauge roach. Do not try to get in a quick smoke with this baby, for it burns long and forever. Great smoke.
Kenneth in Dillsburg, PA May 12, 2014
Cohiba Black Gigante
"New Favorite"
If you like the Taste of a Good Maduro with a Full Body Flavor then you have to try this one. I'll admit a bit more than I like to pay but on occasions when you just want the Best this is One of them. Never harsh even to the Nub. They generally last me 2 hours or more. Great Casino Cigar. Try one I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Ed in Louisiana August 22, 2013
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"Bring the scotch"
I found this cigar to burn fairly evenly and had no problem with the draw (though I do like to take my time when I sit down to smoke a cigar). I prefer to smoke my cigars with scotch, and this one was well-suited to that purpose, standing up very well to a peaty Islay. The appearance of the cigar is also excellent.
Brandon in FL January 21, 2011
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"Good but not great."
I enjoyed the smoke. Did not find the draw to be bad nor did it taste like cardboard. I like Maduros and was excited to try this one. I will say I have had less expensive that were just as good. I am not keen on paying for the name if I can smoke the same flavor for less.
Mike H. in Dillingham, AK December 21, 2010
Cohiba Black Corona
Cigar is the best, most consistent and pleasurable smoke I have had to date. I've been smoking for seven months now and I order primarily samplers, so I had only one of these beauties :>( At the current price it will be some time before I order another. My only gripe albeit trivial is that the draw was not as good as I've had with other sticks; it was somewhat light.
pat in new york April 17, 2009
Cohiba Black Churchill
I compare this cigar to a fighter jet...The first half goes along nice and smooth and then it's like the after burners kick in and this smoke becomes nice and strong.....
Jerrylee in Mount Vernon ,N.Y. April 5, 2009
Cohiba Black Supremo
"This Cigar Is The Bomb"
Cohiba Black Supremo, this cigar is unbelievable! I?m ruined for any other smoke. This cigar is the bomb!
James in Fargo ND February 16, 2009
Cohiba Black Corona
"Best Cigar Ever!!!!"
I'm just a begineer only smoking cigars for the past 6 months. I feel in love with the Cohiba Blacks. Good to last inch!!!!
James in Richmond, Va January 8, 2009
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"terrible draw"
Flavorful, but terrible draw, too much work smoking this cigar, like sucking on a garden hose with a golf ball in the other end
Glenn in Melbourne, FL January 5, 2009
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