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Cohiba Black Reviews

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Cohiba Black Pequenos (6)
"Excellent quick and tasty smoke..."
I think these little guys are great. I don't always have the time to sit down for an hour. For a great quick smoke these are at the top of my list..
Chris in Portland, Oregon June 8, 2008
Cohiba Black Supremo
"Un Freekinbelievable!!!!"
This was my favorite cigar so far. I lit it up at a special event and was instantly the envy of all. Rich chocolatay smoke beemed out giving this thing a great taste and smell. Ye-haw!!!!
Yoop in Oklahoma May 19, 2008
Cohiba Black Supremo
A big disappointment...I bought a 5 pack and could not wait to try one. I have tried 2 of them so far and both was plugged. I ditched them both and I am sure the other 3 will be the same.
Ed Phelps in KY May 9, 2008
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"A rich and tasty smoke!"
I love this smoke! It's appealing appearance is only a hint of the taste to follow. Fresh out of the tube you get a pleasant, robust aroma and from the very first to the very last draw the taste was consistent and smooth. I've had many of these since my first Cohiba black last year and have only had one with difficulty drawing. Fixed it right away with a cigar spike and continued to enjoy it. Reading the previous reviews makes me wonder if nay-sayers are getting dried up smokes. I also enjoy the Cohiba Black Pequenos, they're just as rich and smoke well too. I'm looking forward to trying out the Partagas Blacks.
Angel in Dayton, OH February 24, 2008
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
I couldn't wait for the Cohiba Black to come out, but the ones I tried were a complete disappointment. I bought three, and all of them were plugged. It was like trying to suck oatmeal thru a straw! I'll stick with Rocky Patel.
Carl in Saint Louis December 30, 2007
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"Ever tried smoking cardboard?"
I bought this stick on impulse, when am I ever gonna learn. It was a good looking cigar but had no taste except for the flavor of wet cardboard (don't ask how I know what that tastes like). For the price it just wasn't worth it, better off with a Partags Black Label at less than half the price.
Alex in Bronx November 14, 2007
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"All Show, NO GO!!"
Ok, I normally do not buy Dominican Cohibas due to the price. Anyhow, my buddy bought me one for my birthday. It came in a glass tube, and looked like a beautiful cigar. As far as flavor or taste goes, this cigar fell flat on it's face. Yes, it burned nicely and the draw was nice. For the price, I was expecting the one thing that everyone smokes cigars for; flavor. This cigar wasn't just lacking flavor, it was a total dud. No character, no complexity, just some tobacco flavored smoke. Hard to believe that a nice maduro wrapper did absolutely nothing to save this cigar. Even harder to believe that they fetch $15 per stick at the smoke shop. It's not that it was a bad smoking experience; it was just a lot of fancy packaging and nothing else. I won't shame the rest of my cigars by putting one of these next to them in my humidor. Spend the extra five bucks and buy the real thing!!
Brian in Kentucky November 13, 2007
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
"CRAP in a tube"
OMG!! I saw the Cohiba label and figured it would be a decent purchase, how wrong I was to think that. Out of the tube, it looked great, like a tobacco candy bar. I lit it, horrible draw, it went out, lit, went out again. I must have spent the first half hour just getting it to stay lit. The taste was good..... when it was lit, but the draw was way too tight. Im hoping that I just purchased a bad one, but I wont spend that ammount of money to see. Sorry Cohiba... off to other brands.
kurt in here October 18, 2007
Cohiba Black Supremo
chuck in owensboro,ky October 17, 2007
Cohiba Black Corona
ALEX in HOUSTON August 13, 2007
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