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Cohiba Churchill Reviews [view details]

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to strong and not light like the cuban onces
jimmy in ny. February 15, 2008
This man's got it below. well done my friend. well done
Kevin in Ohio June 6, 2007
"Fantastic Smoke"
I truly enjoyed the negative comments from the people who smoke cigars. You noticed I did not say "Cigar Smokers". Only a true novice would have anything negative to say about a Cohiba. This is one of the best cigars that money can buy and any "Cigar Smoker" can attest to that. So to the true Novice, stay with your ultra mild stogies for a couple of years before you comment on a Real Cigar.
Dave Cook in OH April 16, 2007
"New Favorite"
Great taste, very smooth and consistent the entire length of the cigar. Long, very white ash. My new favorite non-Cuban cigar. Pricey, but worth it.
John in Camas, Washington May 4, 2005
"Great smoke, if pricey"
I had to try this one given the marketing engine behind it -- it seems to be pumped as "the" premium cigar at a lot of vendors, so I wasn't sure if this was the McDonalds of the cigar world, or actually worth the $7. I was also curious given the ongoing legal battles between the Red Dot Cohiba we have here and the Yellow Band Cohiba: what made this name worth the long legal battle? Well, I'm not sure it's worth $7, but I was surprised at how good it tastes. Usually I go for mild cigars, so I didn't expect that I'd like the "medium to full" taste, but it's really quite pleasing on the palate -- it doesn't have any of the harshness I normally associate with medium or full cigars, which probably means that it's been well aged -- I should note that I only received it from famous this afternoon, so that wasn't my doing. The construction is quite good, although I did crack the cap when punching it. It has the whitest ash I think I've seen, and the draw is superb. Like I said, it might not be worth the price -- I've found some cigars that are almost as good for much less, but if I can ever get a deal on them, I'll probably grab it.
Terry in Bay Area, CA March 9, 2005
"Cohiba Churchill all time favorite"
The Cohiba Churchill is a great cigar. Smooth, very even consistant burn and great down to the nub. Every inch is worth it.It has become my most favorite
Sam Hiser in Hagerstown, MD October 28, 2004
"very good"
the best that i have had. it is smooth has a very good tast with no bit to it. *****
mark in valley center June 1, 2004
Worth it at twice the price.
Bill Snyder in Oswego New York November 30, 2003
"What a relaxing smoke"
I spent about an hour smoking a Cohiba Churhill in an outdoor hot tub in the Rocky Mountains last weekend. I had a smile that wouldn't go away! I tried to force it and it turned into a smirk.I knew that I was smoking one of the finest puros along with an excellent carafe of spanish wine that I may ever have. I bought a whole box the next day, had two a day since and they are all spectacular. My girlfriend keeps asking me "what are you so happy about?" All I can tell her is that she just wouldn't understand. The draw is perfect, it looks beautiful, it has a spicy, cedar flavor with a long, peppery finish. Buy some now, you won't understand until you smoke them.
Patrick Cushing in Pierre, SD August 4, 2003
"Good Cigar"
I much prefer the Dominican Cohiba over the Cuban. It is on the average, a better smoke on a more consistent basis. I will admit that one of the best smokes I have ever had was a Cuban Cohiba, but this occurred only one or two times !!! In my taste and opinion, the Cuban cigars are over priced, over rated, and way too inconsistent to be reliable. With the exceptions of Fuentes and Avos at one or two shops, Cubans are about all we get in Hong Kong, and I prefer Dominicans and Hondurans, of which I have a large supply. Perhaps because it is human nature to want something you cannot get (remember Coors beer), that this is much of the allure a lot of Cubans may have for some, not all, US smokers. Regardless, for my money, I will go with the Dominican Cohibas as they are more reliably consistent than their Cuban cousins, and these are indeed a good smoke.
G. Cowan in Jiaozuou, China (Houston, TX) May 6, 2002
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