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Cohiba Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"This cigar is way over priced ."
A few months ago I purchased a box of these and I was very disapointed.This cigar is way overpriced even at the sale price. The construction is good but the taste is darn near bad. I have given most of the cigars I purchased away.I still have 3 or 4 left in my humidor and maybe they will improve with age. I don't intend to find out for at least a couple of years.
Rick Fuchs in Baton Rouge, LA. August 31, 2001
Overpriced and overrated, expected much better. Really not much more that an average daily smoke.
A.J. in Georgia October 19, 1999
This thing stunk so bad other cigar smokers pressured me to put it out. It tasted like cardboard.
J. D. in IL September 18, 1999
"garbage-Threw away after 5 minutes."
A waste of time and money.
in September 18, 1999
"Save your money!"
The new Cohiba line is certainly different than the one it replaced. New blend, fuller body...however, the quality still leaves something to be desired. And the flavor...ugh. Not at all what I expect when I pay this much for a smoke.
Andrew in PA May 29, 1999
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