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Cohiba Reviews

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Cohiba Crystal Corona
"Cohiba Crystal Corona"
Although I m still learning about the MANY different cigars available, I do believe I ve found my current go-to smoke. I freely admit that given this IS a Cohiba, I had high expectations of this cigar and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend the Crystal Corona; it is a truly enjoyable smoke!
Jay in Kingsland, GA November 9, 2014
Cohiba Robusto
"Not what I expected"
Thought this would be a much better cigar. Not sure if their consistency is off and I got a dud, or if they are all like the one I had, but either way, not a good thing. Very hard draw, uneven burn, and a tragically boring taste. Not bad, just not worth wasting a good opportunity for a better cigar.
J.W. in Chicago October 27, 2014
Cohiba Pequenos (6)
"Great little cigar - most of the time"
When these are good, they are great. Consistency can be an issue, especially with the 6-box. Most are well made but a small percentage are too tightly wrapped and burn very unevenly.
Max in Norfolk, Virginia August 21, 2014
Cohiba Churchill
"A fine cigar"
If you paid $18 and don t normally smoke cigars...but if you have the occasion to smoke a Cohiba, what a smoke. I busted one out during a round of golf, which I don t usually do but what a great smoking experience compare to my regular golf gars. I agree with some of the others that the price is limiting but if you wait for deals the price comes down quite a bit. If you took the labels off a la finca and cohiba I bet even a person who smokes cigars would appreciate the cohiba.
hiroshi in suzuki August 5, 2014
Cohiba Robusto
I received this cigar as part of a sampler. Considering the weight that the brand name carries I thought that I was in for something special. I was disappointed, though. I ve had much, MUCH better cigars that were not nearly as pricey. Not that it was unpleasant, but there was hardly anything remarkable about the smoke. Your money would be better spent on a good Perdomo or AB.
Foxycigar in Connecticut July 25, 2014
Cohiba Robusto
This Cigar is one of the Worst Cigars I ve tasted The Taste, Burn, Consistency, Draw everything Just Terrible!
Wilfredo in NYC April 5, 2014
Cohiba Miniatures (10)
These little cigars were my favorite until recently when I discovered that they had been changed and it was impossible to get any kind of draw. The entire tin was trash. I regularly bought them because I trusted the quality. Never again. What a shame.
Tom in Orlando January 12, 2014
Cohiba Pequenos (6)
"Cuban Cohibas"
A fine small cigar when you don't have the time for a full. About 20-30 min burn time. Smooth draw, easy light, med. bodied
Shane Sylvester in Pennsylvania December 20, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
"Two-thirds of a poor cigar"
I got this in the Battle of the Caribbean sampler so it may not be representative, but the draw was poor, requiring two or three attempts to get any worthwhile amount of smoke. Flavour started out nicely - toasted tobacco with supple leather and other tannins, but deteriorated to unsmokable tar well before I reached the band. I ve smoked about half the sampler and while a couple of them weren t quite my thing, this is the only downright nasty cigar so far. I hope for General Cigar s sake this example isn t typical.
MacBryan in Malaysia December 6, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
"Good Smoke"
.......make them about a buck fifty a pop....and I'd buy nothing but
Paul in Indiana November 5, 2013
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