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Cohiba Reviews

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Cohiba Miniatures (10)
These little cigars were my favorite until recently when I discovered that they had been changed and it was impossible to get any kind of draw. The entire tin was trash. I regularly bought them because I trusted the quality. Never again. What a shame.
Tom in Orlando January 12, 2014
Cohiba Pequenos (6)
"Cuban Cohibas"
A fine small cigar when you don't have the time for a full. About 20-30 min burn time. Smooth draw, easy light, med. bodied
Shane Sylvester in Pennsylvania December 20, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
"Two-thirds of a poor cigar"
I got this in the Battle of the Caribbean sampler so it may not be representative, but the draw was poor, requiring two or three attempts to get any worthwhile amount of smoke. Flavour started out nicely - toasted tobacco with supple leather and other tannins, but deteriorated to unsmokable tar well before I reached the band. I ve smoked about half the sampler and while a couple of them weren t quite my thing, this is the only downright nasty cigar so far. I hope for General Cigar s sake this example isn t typical.
MacBryan in Malaysia December 6, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
"Good Smoke"
.......make them about a buck fifty a pop....and I'd buy nothing but
Paul in Indiana November 5, 2013
Cohiba Churchill
TOTALLY OVER-RATED CIGAR! Cohiba is the most totally overrated/overpriced cigar on the market. It retains a market position solely based on having the same brand name as the legendary Cuban Cohiba brand. I find the burn harsh, the cigar too strong and undistinguished. I would not pay $5 apiece for this cigar in a Churchill size. I have had off brands that are better cigars!
chris h beyer in salisbury nc September 4, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
"On the Mild Side"
Nice classic Cohiba but not as flavorful as one might hope for. Very consistent(no build) and over priced but pleasant smoke.
chris h beyer in salisbury nc September 4, 2013 August 31, 2013
Cohiba Toro Tube
"excellent consistancy"
excellent consitancy with Toro tube. Taste and draw are outstanding.
jim in Delaware August 23, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
"Poor Condition"
I received three of these cigars in bundles. Each was either dry, cracked, or flawed. One would not smoke at all. The other two smoked poorly.
Chris in St Louis August 6, 2013
Cohiba Pequenos
"Very nice little cigar"
I am very pleasantly surprised with this little Cohiba cigar. Great flavor and its perfect for when you may not have a lot of time but still want a nice full flavor cigar. Will definitely order again.
MH in STL July 26, 2013
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