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Cohiba Reviews

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Cohiba Miniatures (10)
"What's going on?"
Last couple of times I ordered they were plugged or poorly wrapped. Very frustrating
John April 11, 2013
Cohiba Robusto
I dont know what all you are complaining about this is a vary earth smoke nice tasting and well balenced.If you wont a spice smoke go for the acid but dont knock this one.It is a vary nice cigar for the money i would pay more to smoke a good cigar like this.
tom in hickory nc December 12, 2012
Cohiba Crystal Corona
"Horrible don't waste your time"
Terible taste , a disgrace to the Cohiba Brand!
Riccardo K in Los Angeles November 6, 2012
Cohiba Pequenos (6)
"Charcole Briquette"
I tried these and I really wanted to like them. I don't know if I managed to get a bad batch or what, but every single one I smoked tasted like I was licking the bottom of a well used ash tray. I plan on getting some more just to see if my hypothesis is correct.
jboulet in frisco, tx October 24, 2012
Cohiba Toro Tube
"Not Cohiba's Best"
It's an OK smoke. Good draw, even burn, nice white ash. However they are inconsistent in construction. I've run into enormous stems, and they tend to fall apart.
Scott in Seattle, WA October 19, 2012
Cohiba Pequenos (6)
"small,but the power of the big one."
buy the ones in the wooden box.i think they mix these with ither tin cigars in the storage.
vatossan in west palm beach October 12, 2012
Cohiba Robusto
"Fine smoke; high price point"
Enoyed this one evening with a late harvest cabernet and some chocolate cake. Delish. Beautiful to the eye, perfect burn and nice nuttly flavors. I've had equally good sticks at lower price points, but this Cohiba never disappoints. I'll keep a box in my collection from here on out.
brobes in Agoura Hills, CA September 30, 2012
Cohiba Robusto
"Good, but not worth $15."
I have been smoking Cuban Cohibas for years and I can appreciate why an authentic Cuban Cohiba warrants a $15 price tag, but with these Dominican Cohibas you are paying more for the brand name then what the stick has to offer itself. All in all they are good cigars, rich and flavorful, but for the price its more of a status symbol to place in your humidor then it is a delicacy.
mike p in salt lake city August 20, 2012
Cohiba Robusto
"not bad at all"
Got a 5 pack in a wingman sampler on auction expecting the worst after reading the reviews but was pleasantly surprised. Not the best cigar ever but no draw issues no burn issues,construction was good and had an above average taste.not a 15.00 dollar cigar but not bad.
mike in michigan August 13, 2012
Cohiba Toro Tube
"Must be rejects"
These are bad and I don't believe the positive reviews. If you are lucky and they aren't rolled as tight as a bat the first inch is good. After that they reach the hollow area and start to burn hot and uneven. You must then practice squeeze and pinch to smoke any more.
Edwar in Rochester June 27, 2012
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