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Cohiba Reviews

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Cohiba Robusto
"not worth the money"
Terrible draw. Got this in a sampler and was excited about this brand, but will definitely not rebuy this stick- would be ok if it was a 5$ cigar.
Brian S in Greenville, SC June 21, 2012
Cohiba Pequenos
"Great little cigar , great price"
Great little cigar, amazing , great price
Shant in Burbank CA June 8, 2012
Cohiba Churchill
"Awesome Cigar"
I have had the Cuban', and these are as close as you can get to the real McCoy! They are not a cheap cigar, but neither are the Cuban'. They are perhaps one of the smoothest cigars you will ever smoke, and as others have mentioned, they are light to medium bodied, so don't expect a "full bodied flavor" from these guys! If you want a great, smooth cigar these are worth a try! Like any cigar, in a box you will may have one that doesn't draws well, or one that isn't made as well, after all they are hand made! I have yet to see perfection in any hand rolled cigar, so don't be alarmed by what others have said, these are truly a fine cigar, and well worth the price! Try a five pack!
ItTechy in TN June 3, 2012
Cohiba Robusto
"Breath taking"
All the cohiba's recently have been awful. They are rolled so tight you can't even enjoy them. For this kinda money you should at least be able to smoke 'em. Don't even get me started on taste. Use to be a quality cigar now it's just plain awful!
Marty in Carmel ny March 27, 2012
Cohiba Robusto
"Not bad."
I don't know why this cigar is $15 a stick. I'd pay $5 a stick max based on taste and length of the smoke. Burn time was about 40 minutes for me. I'm a pretty slow smoker, and it got very warm and bitter on the last inch or so, but it was a solid 40 minutes smoke. No weird burns, not razor sharp, but burned well throughout. No construction issues, no unraveling, nothing majorly wrong, but it just didn't taste like $15. Taste was good, but it was a solid mild-medium all the way. Earthy tones, mild spice and heat in the back of the throat. Not bad, but so simple. Not a lot of variance or a lot of flavors. Just a lot of earth, little sweet and some heat at the end. Pretty boring. I'd smoke this again, but not at $15 a stick. If this was more like $3-$4 a stick, I'd make this my daily smoke.
Ben in New York March 12, 2012
Cohiba Lonsdale Grande
Just like the robustos, terrible. Bought a three pack sampler that came with a lighter. The lighter was the only good thing that came out of that purchase. These are absolutely the worst cigars I have ever smoked. Don't waste your money, go for Fuentes, Olivas, La Glorias, etc...
Greg in PA February 29, 2012
Cohiba Robusto
The price and high ratings are a complete mystery to me. These literally taste like rolled up leaves that have fallen from a maple tree. Tight draw, sickening taste. This is the only cigar I have ever stopped smoking not even halfway through.
Greg in PA February 29, 2012
Cohiba Crystal Corona
"This my number 1 cigar"
There is nothing better than this, each one just as good as the other, I don't know why the crystals taste different from the regular corona but it has the exact taste I'm looking for in a cigar! I hope these are not on back order for too long I will buy another box
Jason in California February 24, 2012
Cohiba Pequenos
"Tasty little treat for the end of the night."
I've just started smoking cigars, had maybe 3 before this but I must say this little guy was hands down the best I've had so far. Smooth taste, could've sworn it was a bit cocoa-ey. Cheap and small but boy did it wow me.
Jason in California February 24, 2012 February 9, 2012
Cohiba Miniatures (10)
"Not worth it"
At $1 each, I'm not sure what the hype is. These are basically churchill sized for G.I. Joe. Medium body, but no real flavor other than charred tobacco.
Jake in WA January 30, 2012
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