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Cohiba Extra Vigoroso Reviews

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Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 550
Simply the best Cohiba out on the market in my opinion. I tried them all; the RD, the Black, the Puro, you name it. This one is really something special. They done superb on this stick! One of my favs; and I always make sure I have these on hand.
Dan in Pennsylvania March 5, 2014
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 550
"One of the Best !!!"
Occasionally, I will treat myself to what I would not normally be able to afford. Such is the case with the Cohiba XV. I bought a 5-pack a few months ago as a favor to myself and in no was I disappointed. This is a top-shelf cigar, very potent and jam-packed with exotic tobacco flavor. It seemed that every puff held a different flavor surprise. In a quick phrase: "I loved it!" My only issue with the cigar was that the cap on one of them came completely off in my mouth shortly after lighting it. I suspect this was a one-of-a-kind happening because none of the others displayed that problem. I did notice that the cap left a dark stain on my lip and finger. Again, the problem was limited to only one stick. This construction issue was in no way a put-off. I recommend this cigar very highly. It will always be a special-occasion cigar in my humidor.
Dan Colley in Gainesville, FL June 26, 2013
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 749
"Ultra Smooth 2 Hour Cigar"
This cigar is very smooth and tasty. The draw is hard at first but when you get to the sweet spot it is absolutely wonderful. The construction and is exactly what you would expect from a Cohiba. This cigar burns more evenly than I've ever experienced. All the Cohibas I've smoked have a tight construction that gives a hard draw and this one is 7 in long; meaning an even harder time drawing. Don't give up on it- it's worth the wait.
Roberto Saldivar in Bourbonnais June 23, 2013
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
"My FavoriteTorpedo"
Over time I have purchased a few boxes of these and my sons have enjoyed them very much. A pleasant smoke.
Ric in Monroe, ga June 10, 2012
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 645
"Awesome cigar - price? OUCH!"
Excellent taste, burn, consistency, and construction. Just can't afford 'em!!
Scott L in Wallingford, CT January 13, 2012
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 550
"Excellent Smoke!"
This is an excellent smoke especially when paired with red wine. By far, one of the smoothest cigars on the market.
Jerry in California October 5, 2011
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 749
I enjoyed this cigar even though this was my first cigar I bought this brand after my graduation..honestly I went very well with a heineken
Rick C. in Memphis Tennessee September 12, 2011
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
""Extra Crapo""
had one of these sitting in my humidor for over a year, finally decided to smoke it and it was so bad it pretty much wrecked my day. First off it was so plugged I had to open it with a screwdriver, second it burned crooked as all hell, third of all it had virtually no flavor besides the horrible bitter aftertaste. IMO cohibas are all overpriced and overhyped but at least the regular red dots are good. Id rather smoke a freakin philly blunt then this piece of garbage.
Ed in Ohio August 13, 2011
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 749
"Hope it was a bad stick"
Extremly hard draw. I won't make this mistake again. My first non-Cuban Cohiba, and because of this experience, my last.
Ed in Ohio August 13, 2011 August 2, 2010
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
"Not my taste"
I either rate a cigar good or bad; good I will buy again, bad I never buy again. This one was pretty bad. I smoked two of these with the same results, and the flavor just isn't my taste. I like sweet and creamy cigars (RP, Casa Magna, Padilla Miami, etc...). This one was off the chart. I dont know, it just tasted like nothing but raw tabacco. Maybe once in a while I tasted some flavor,but cannot really describe it. Dont waste your money on this overhyped crap. You can get twice the flavor and quality for half the price by buying about anything else. For the price buy Ashton VSG or San Cristobal, or Oliva V, Diamond Crown Maximus, etc...Much much better...
MT in Bay Point, CA December 21, 2009
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