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Cohiba Extra Vigoroso Reviews

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Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 550
This has got to be my favorite smoke. Rich, smooth and luscious. I've seen reviews about a hard draw but a few gentle bites around the head loosen it right up. They're a bit pricey but I think they're worth it.
Tyrone T in Mississippi November 2, 2009
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 749
excellent smoke if you ask me,consistant flavor right to the end,very smooth but not light ,i had a little resveration after reading one of the reviews about the tight draw,i have experianced that with the cohiba black robusto tubos, made me work a little hard, "NOT THIS BABY" it was definatley worth it! after all it is a COHIBA!!
frank s. in philadelphia October 26, 2009
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 749
"Worst Cigar Ever!"
I can't begin to review because all five of the cigars I got were over packed an drew like pulling a basket ball through a straw. My absolute worst experience ever!!
Stan in Bristow, VA June 23, 2009
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 550
"never again!"
The BTUs I expended trying to draw on these cigars left me exhausted and angry that I squandered such a considerable sum (and high expectations) on these pigs. A good cigar is not supposed to be an ordeal!
Terrence Monroe in Hawaii March 6, 2009
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
"Excellent Cigar"
This is an excellent cigar. I bought a box about a year ago. Every cigar from the box has been excellent in terms of flavor, construction, and appearance. I have given a few to friends and neighbors who rave about the cigar I gave them (and want more). While it is a little pricey, it is a great cigar and I intend to buy another box.
Bob in Nazareth, PA January 27, 2009
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 550
"Excellent Cigar"
This is a superb cigar in all respects. Not terribly strong, but very full and luxurious.
Steven in West Palm Beach January 7, 2009
Cohiba Extra Vigoroso (XV) 652
"I've had 3 of these. 2 of them were plugged."
Good Flavor,and burn. It burned nice and evenly. The draw was similar to sucking mashed potatoes through a straw. the wrapper was very oily and there wasn't a whole lot of smoke. I wouldn't buy one again.
Adam in WI October 12, 2008
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
"This is the Lamborghini in my 'dor"
I've tried two already and they are as good as advertised all the way to the nub. Great with some small batch bourbon.
Gerald in Lexington August 22, 2008
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
"No number rating"
This is perhaps, one of the best cigars made..in my humble judhement. Some manufactures can "make it on their brand name", but Cohiba rules! These are the strong ones, but if that is how you like it...buy a box, if only once in your life. You may not own a Cadillac, but a box of cigars...you can afford to smoke the BEST.
Bill November 15, 2007
Cohiba XV 660 Pyramid
Superb construction. Beautiful cigar. Rich, complex flavor profile. You know where your money is going when you smoke one of these.
darryl in denison, tx November 7, 2007
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