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Dried out, loosely made, bad draw
Paul in Northbrook, IL January 7, 2015
These little cigars were my favorite until recently when I discovered that they had been changed and it was impossible to get any kind of draw. The entire tin was trash. I regularly bought them because I trusted the quality. Never again. What a shame.
Tom in Orlando January 12, 2014
"Poor Quality on last 200 ordered"
I'm agreeing with comments others have written. I ordered these for a couple of years and the quality of smoke was great; however,25% of the last 200 was plugged with hard chips of what appeared to be stems. i also am wary of ordering anymore of this product
Don in Florida USA April 28, 2013
"What's going on?"
Last couple of times I ordered they were plugged or poorly wrapped. Very frustrating
John in April 11, 2013
"Not worth it"
At $1 each, I'm not sure what the hype is. These are basically churchill sized for G.I. Joe. Medium body, but no real flavor other than charred tobacco.
Jake in WA January 30, 2012
"What Happen"
I have been getting these little smokes for a very long time, but this last order was a bummer. I am on my 3rd can and so far more than half of the little smokes have been broken or have had a hole in them so you cant smoke it. This makes me worry about getting them again!
Art in Irving Tx January 24, 2012
As soon as I opened the tin there was a very strong scent of pepper and spices. As I smoked the taste of pepper got stronger and stronger. I'm not a fan of these, but if you like strong pepper and spice flavor, then you'll probably like these.
Jay in Massachusetts September 13, 2011
"These are great during work hours, amazing taste!"
I read some reviews and doubted them. I love Cohiba Pequenos, that is my cigar (.) So when I seen these, it seemed like a convenience to have. And I have to say they were. Same taste as most Cohiba's. I'm smoking one right now! Its a great way to squeeze a smoke in between work hours, or a lunch or dinner. I just ordered the hundred pack. My new little friend :)
Julio in Boston August 26, 2011
"a really nice smoke with a glass of Merlot"
good smoke with a glass of merlot just before dinner or after dinner with a coffee... or, on the golf course with a small wait at the turn... love'm
Dave in Hampton Beach, NH June 1, 2010
"A fine tasting small quick smoke"
An excellent quality taste and aroma made from all the best Dominican cohiba tobaccos. For when you don't have time to enjoy a bigger cigar. A little too small for me i am will look for something matching this quality but in a slightly bigger size.
Crazy Randy in Chicago April 6, 2010
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