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Cohiba Pequenos (6) Reviews [view details]

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"Very Good Smoke"
I really enjoy these smaller cigars. They're a giant step up in quality construction, taste, draw and ash from any cigarello I've smoked. They have a great aroma and a very pleasant mild taste. They're not a savory smoke but do have a nice mild palatable flavor. I'll get more when the inventory gets low.
Mike in PA April 7, 2009
"mmm mmm good"
awsomely great like cambells soup there mmm mmm good
nick in wilwood nj February 18, 2009
I have just one word, OUTSTANDING!!!
linwood in montville, maine February 14, 2009
"burns really smooth"
one of the best-burning small cigars I have ever can smoke the whole cigar with only two ashes...that is quality
joe in boston February 12, 2009
"Best of the small cigars"
These are great for when you only have a short time and want a decent smoke. I've tried almost all the small cigars offered in tins and this one tends to the most well constructed with a consistent draw. They can be a little inconsistent on the flavor but I don't know what else you can expect in this size and price.
Bud in Columbus, OH January 26, 2009
great tasting mild no after taste
Jerry in Fallon Nv January 19, 2009
"Great smoke but no taste"
I wish that this smoke had the flavor of the smaller one, I would not smoke anything else. But it has no taste.
Art in Dallas November 22, 2008
"$10 for 6 and it's still over-priced"
Got these from my local cigar shop. I'd always steered clear of red dot Cohibas, and I figured I should be more open. Wish I hadn't. The first taste was a very distinct hard-boiled-egg taste. Don't know where that came from. That slowly went away to be replaced by the most simplistic and flat generic smoke flavor I've ever had. Hoping they get better after a nice, long time-out in the humidor. No! Bad cigars!
Sam in Minneapolis July 26, 2008
"Below gas-station quality! Do not be fooled!"
Bought a tin of these for 13$- exactly what I feared: these are garbage,unsmokeable. No effort was put into rolling them, prob swept off the factory floor, ugly, dried out. Just a little extra income for Cohiba to pawn these off in tins where you can't see what you're getting. Try Punch bolos for a decent small cigar.
Tizzle in Gainesville, FL July 16, 2008
"Love it!"
I'll never buy any other cigar. SMOOTH AND RICH.
medcop in bronx,ny May 5, 2008
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