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Cohiba Pequenos (6) Reviews [view details]

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"Inconsistency enough to scare me off for good"
I've bought enough of these to know there is an inconsistency as regards to taste and sometimes construction. Just bought a 5/6 pack and man am I disappointed to the point that I will never risk buying them in bulk like this again. They are wet with a fat body and skinny ash and taste like battery acid. I could still taste acid the next day.. yuck! Typically I enjoy a couple of these puppies a day for a quick smoke but I guess I will have to let them rest which is kind of a waste of space in the humidor.
Adam in Florida April 19, 2008
"Worst draw of any cigar I have ever had."
They look great.. they taste and draw not so good.
David in Naugatuck Ct. February 29, 2008
"These stink!!!!"
Dont waste your money, they taste bad, draw terribly, are too hot when smoked. I have nothing good to say about these at all. I would have been better off rolling up the money i spent on them, and smoking it.
Reg in Florida November 27, 2007
This gar is very good for being small and is great if you don't like smoking for hours. Burns good and tastes pretty good considering I like maduros. Worth the $.
Steve in AMSTERDAM NEW YORK September 9, 2007
"smooth and consistent"
you will not find a smoother burning cigar for the can smoke the entire cigar with only two ash burns...who needs the big ones!
Joe in Boston June 28, 2007
"Good value"
This is a terrific small cigar--great flavor and consistency, and for less than $1.50 a smoke. The smoke volume is a little on the thin side for my taste, though.
Mike in Minneapolis May 16, 2007
"One-of-a Kind Taste!"
I have been smoking cigars and cigarillos for quite a while now, and am always looking for the next best quick smoke. Pequenos are outstanding overall, but Cohiba can be pricey as a brand. However, when trying to compare cigars for a matter of saving money can be nearly impossible, unless comparing within the same brand. I have searched wide and far for a comparable smoke to the Cohiba, specifically Pequenos, but there has been no "copycat" (J.E., review written January 7, 2007.) as of yet. Sorry. If anyone possiby can find comprable tasting, burning, constructed, etc., cigar or small cigar/cigarillo similar to Cohiba with a cut of the price tag let the world know here on this site!!!
Daniel M. in Fort Wayne, IN February 8, 2007
Most Excellent !!
Raymond K in Indiana November 8, 2006
"These are great"
I usually smoke RyJ Coronas, but this mini cigars are perfect for those quick 30 minute breaks. It has a mild taste and a pleasant smell (approved by the wife). For the price, this will be a great addition to your stack. I usually don't write reviews but I feel obligated to share the experience. Enjoy!
Frank in New Jersey August 12, 2006
"hmm nice and spicy"
This is my favorite cigar at this time,a total pleasure to watch the clouds fly by.
cid alarid in CA June 2, 2006
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