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"Great little cigar - most of the time"
When these are good, they are great. Consistency can be an issue, especially with the 6-box. Most are well made but a small percentage are too tightly wrapped and burn very unevenly.
Max in Norfolk, Virginia August 21, 2014
"Cuban Cohibas"
A fine small cigar when you don't have the time for a full. About 20-30 min burn time. Smooth draw, easy light, med. bodied
Shane Sylvester in Pennsylvania December 20, 2013
"average overall"
Hints of leather, cedar, and sugar, with the woodiness sometimes overpowering. dry rather than creamy. Would not recommend to those who prefer sweeter, creamier tasting cigars like myself.
A.B. in Fairfax April 27, 2013
"Charcole Briquette"
I tried these and I really wanted to like them. I don't know if I managed to get a bad batch or what, but every single one I smoked tasted like I was licking the bottom of a well used ash tray. I plan on getting some more just to see if my hypothesis is correct.
jboulet in frisco, tx October 24, 2012
"small,but the power of the big one."
buy the ones in the wooden box.i think they mix these with ither tin cigars in the storage.
vatossan in west palm beach October 12, 2012
"Mind if I do a C?"
Dude, mind if I do a cohiba? It's muy pequeno man!
The_Dude_Abide in The echoes of my mind May 16, 2011
"Definitely Cohibas..."
These are great little cigars. The guy that thinks each tin has different tasting cigars needs to make sure his Prozac prescription is consistent.
PowerPC in Greenville, SC October 7, 2010
"outstanding small cigar"
It's tough to find a small cigar that's any good at all. This and Nat Sherman Quick smokes are the two best that I've tasted. Remember Cohiba is the most counterfeited cigar there is, so if they taste like hardboiled eggs you should have bought them from a reputable source.
k fisher in vermont usa October 5, 2010
"Not good, each cigar tastes different"
I purchased these once before, but it was in the wood box, all together. This time, I bought the separate tins. Each tin yields a cigar that tastes different than the cigars in the previous tin. Beware.
Mike in Atlanta May 28, 2010
"Very Good Smoke"
I really enjoy these smaller cigars. They're a giant step up in quality construction, taste, draw and ash from any cigarello I've smoked. They have a great aroma and a very pleasant mild taste. They're not a savory smoke but do have a nice mild palatable flavor. I'll get more when the inventory gets low.
Mike in PA April 7, 2009
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10 Taste (91) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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