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Cohiba Pequenos Reviews [view details]

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"Not that good at all"
I must disagree with the majority of reviewers. The Cohiba band does not make this hard-drawing, uneven burning cigar a good buy. If you must buy it, light the tightly-packed clipped end.
R. P. Cross in New Mexico August 28, 2010
"One of the best cigars Hands Down!!!"
The presentation alone sold me on these cigars the tins are just awesome. Not to mention these are one of the absolute best cigars hands down. Have been smoking these for 7 years still have found no better!
Joe in Texas March 30, 2009
"Best short smoke ever...hands down"
Replaced my everyday smoke
Dale in Maryland February 6, 2009
Fantastic little cigar.... 40 minute burn time, medium very tasty finish, great smoke, wish I bought more. Highly recommend the Pequenos.
Chuck in Tulsa January 17, 2009
"the best cigar i have ever had hands down"
This was the smoothest cigar I have had. I will continue to buy
kevin in turlock california May 15, 2008
I paid $14 U.S. dollars for a tin of pequenos. Never again, I realized there are better short smokes then these over priced and over- rated smokes. Tightly packed and harsh. Sorry copy-cat Cohibas, you still need work.
J.E. in South Texas January 7, 2007
"Little Cigar - Big Cigar flavour"
Excellent consistent quality. Good draw & long on flavour. The 6 pack Tins are a classy presentation and make a great gift.
Bob DelBianco in Seattle November 9, 2006
"This is a good cigar and a great size."
Sometimes it is not the cigar, but the cigar smoker. No, this is not a Cuban. It is however a wonderful cigar. For a smooth anytime cigar and a quick smoke this is a good pick. Having smoked the Cubans and avoiding cigar snobbery I give this cigar the respect it deserves. Judging a smoke on its own merit and not on comparison to others, this stands on its own as a good smoke. I love to share these just to see the look of suprise on a new smokers face as to how smooth they are.
Mike Hilbert in IA January 18, 2006
"Very rich small sigar. Allways a treat"
My 'standard' small sigar which allways suprises my fellow cigar smokers if they pick it form my humidor.
Willem Klinkert in The Netherlands January 11, 2006
"these cigars are great!"
the best
James Swyryt in New York May 1, 2005
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