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Cohiba Pequenos Reviews [view details]

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"Very nice little cigar"
I am very pleasantly surprised with this little Cohiba cigar. Great flavor and its perfect for when you may not have a lot of time but still want a nice full flavor cigar. Will definitely order again.
MH in STL July 26, 2013
"Great little cigar , great price"
Great little cigar, amazing , great price
Shant in Burbank CA June 8, 2012
"Tasty little treat for the end of the night."
I've just started smoking cigars, had maybe 3 before this but I must say this little guy was hands down the best I've had so far. Smooth taste, could've sworn it was a bit cocoa-ey. Cheap and small but boy did it wow me.
in February 9, 2012
"Really great taste in such a small cigar"
I had my doubts when I first seen them, but upon further review of them, the resemble full sized Cohiba's a lot. Great construction, nice burn, and amazing aroma. They also don't take long to smoke, usually done with 30-40 minutes.
Julio in Boston August 20, 2011
I enjoyed this little cigar over lunch break very complex flavor, good construction, even burn, and just enjoyable. I would purchase this again!
Jon in Minneapolis July 13, 2011
"Great short smoke with age"
Not too good right off the truck, but with 5-6 months to settle, they are great. Plenty of black pepper and spice. Will be buying a box or two to sit for a while.
in June 22, 2011
"Tasty Little Cigar"
I have been enjoying these small cigars for about a year now. Thank goodness I can get them cheaper from Famous Smoke Shop. I enjoy these cigars at all occasions, but especially with a cold beer.
Paul in Willamina April 14, 2011
"Good Value"
A very decent smoke. Not outstanding but OK for daily short smoke. I have repurchased several times.
Tom Ardito in Connecticut March 10, 2011
"Extremely Dissappointing"
Nothing "short" of total dissappointment. Cohiba? Really? Tasted like a king eddie or a swisher sweet w/o the sweet
Randy B in southern Illinois February 25, 2011
"Awesome "shorty""
A most excellent smoke for hanging out and enjoying company and music. Pleasant aroma, great taste. Will definitely be purchasing more Cohiba. Strongly recommend this smoke.
Troy W. in Orange Grove, Texas February 9, 2011
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10 Burn (90) 100
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10 Consistency (90) 100
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (92) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
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