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Cohiba Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"not worth the money"
Terrible draw. Got this in a sampler and was excited about this brand, but will definitely not rebuy this stick- would be ok if it was a 5$ cigar.
Brian S in Greenville, SC June 21, 2012
"Breath taking"
All the cohiba's recently have been awful. They are rolled so tight you can't even enjoy them. For this kinda money you should at least be able to smoke 'em. Don't even get me started on taste. Use to be a quality cigar now it's just plain awful!
Marty in Carmel ny March 27, 2012
"Not bad."
I don't know why this cigar is $15 a stick. I'd pay $5 a stick max based on taste and length of the smoke. Burn time was about 40 minutes for me. I'm a pretty slow smoker, and it got very warm and bitter on the last inch or so, but it was a solid 40 minutes smoke. No weird burns, not razor sharp, but burned well throughout. No construction issues, no unraveling, nothing majorly wrong, but it just didn't taste like $15. Taste was good, but it was a solid mild-medium all the way. Earthy tones, mild spice and heat in the back of the throat. Not bad, but so simple. Not a lot of variance or a lot of flavors. Just a lot of earth, little sweet and some heat at the end. Pretty boring. I'd smoke this again, but not at $15 a stick. If this was more like $3-$4 a stick, I'd make this my daily smoke.
Ben in New York March 12, 2012
The price and high ratings are a complete mystery to me. These literally taste like rolled up leaves that have fallen from a maple tree. Tight draw, sickening taste. This is the only cigar I have ever stopped smoking not even halfway through.
Greg in PA February 29, 2012
Machine rolled, tight, terrible draw, overpriced. A disgrace to the Cohiba name,
James D in Miami January 22, 2012
"Very disappointing"
machine made, too tight, do not draw without extreme effort. Disgrace to the Cohiba name.
James D in Miami January 21, 2012
When I first started smoking cigars I stuck with GyV and Dutch Masters because I was young and dumb. Then I went to a cigar shop to try one of the major league cigars and picked up the Cohiba Red Dot Robusto. I remember it being great and having a nice cedar taste to it. Very sweet and smooth. I set my cigar "bar," to that level thinking all cigars would be like that. I smoked a ton of different cigars after that trying to find my cigar. One that I can call my favorite. Then the other day i bought the Ol' Money Sampler and it came with 2 Cohiba Red Dots and a big smile came across my face thinking of how dumb I was smoking Dutch Masters. I let the Cohibas sit in my humidor for 2 weeks and lit one up just because I was curious as to why I set my "bar," to this particular cigar and I was instantly reminded. This smoke is all around amazing. Great burn, the camaroon wrapper gives a nice sweet creaminess and sweet aroma, and the draw is incredible. Each one is amazing and brings me back a few years when I first started smoking cigars and I cannot wait to smoke the second one and pick a few more up.
Jon in NJ January 17, 2012
"Like Licking an Ashtray"
I don't understand how these receive consistent high ratings. very very "ashy" and harsh
Robert P in Mountain West January 3, 2012
"Not worth the price"
I would almost compare this to a $2 cigar you find at the gas station. It is very rough and starts out with a weak taste but does it better towards the end.
Blake in Alabama November 11, 2011
Gross one of the worst cigars I have ever smoked!!! Flaky ash taste was nasty just a bad over priced stoggie!!
Brian in North Dakoat October 8, 2011
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