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Cohiba Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"great cigar"
a great cigar but similar quality can be had for much less money...try a La Gloria Cubana DR or a Punch..
Charlie in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
"Not worth the price, even auctioned"
not sure whats the hype about red dot cohibas.. obviously nothing like the cuban company, cohiba. these are way over priced in comparison to other fine smokes like fuente fuente and padron. even cao makes a better stick at a fraction of the cost of any red dot or black cohiba. on top of that, these have a "burnt" taste to them on your palette. i give em a 7 overall.
Nick in Alabama June 19, 2008
M SZEMAN in NJ June 1, 2008
"Excellent Draw and Superb Taste"
Too bad Kevin had a bad experience with the Robusto. As for me, I find the draw excellent and the taste superb.
Jeff in Bakersfield April 9, 2008
"Below Average Taste and Horrible Draw"
I received 5 of these in a sampler and 4 of them were plugged. The one that wasn't plugged had a peculiar acidic taste. I highly recommend you spend your money elsewhere.
Stephen in Cincinnati, OH February 5, 2008
"Worst draw of any cigar"
This cigar has the worst draw I've ever had. I've tried three of these so far and they have all been unsmokable. Bad construction and the flavor is decent but not that great. I have no idea why they are so expensive
Kevin B. in LA, CA September 19, 2007
"What a great Smoke"
The Cohiba Robusto is tops. Medium strength smoke. From the first draw, you know this is gonna be good. Not spicy, not harsh, but not too mild either, just right. It has that perfect tobacco taste I'm looking for. Nice.
ajs777 in Oregon March 4, 2007
"Very Disappointed"
I have been extremely happy with all my Famous-Smokes. That said, this Cohiba Robusto (Natural) I received as part of a sampler pack was just terrible. The wrapper was quite veiny and the cap construction was not up to par for a hand made premium cigar. The cigar lit/burnt unevenly. But most importantly, it didn't taste good at all - absolutely dull. Because of the premium name, I smoked WAY too much before finally giving up 2/3 through. There are far superior smokes for less money - I will not be smoking any more of these.
Charlie in Hagerstown, MD January 29, 2007
"Tasty but overrated"
Certainly a fine, flavorful and smooth cigar with fine construction, but $12.50 retail, give me a break. I pick them up at reasonable prices in FSS sampler packs and probably wouldn't buy them any other way.
Gregg in Concord, NH January 24, 2007
"very fine"
The discription sums it up well.If I could afford to make these my every day cigars,I would do it in a New York minute ,and would not think twice about it.
James Cole in Alabama November 24, 2006
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