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Colossal Collections Reviews

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Torano Colossal Sampler
"Quality, Taste 26% Variety"
The sampler is one of many I have enjoyed this summer, and I must say that you can't beat it. They tasted great and cost $3.38 per cigar. Downright cheap for cigars of this quality.
Ron in Wilmington, DE August 21, 2014
Colossal Coffee Collection #1
"Love the Colossal Coffee Collection#1"
I would like to know why this is not been available for a while? Simply love it...can't get enough!
Jeffry armstrong in Traverse City, MI May 24, 2013
The 'Dream Team' Collection
"Dream team? Really?"
I understand that the marketing people have to get paid to help sell product. I'm with most others here. Remarkably average cigars. No dream team players. Cheap though. Also, this is a first time purchase for me. I'm a JR's guy for years. No delivery charge at JR's. Think I'll go home for my next purchase.
Larry in Nashville, TN May 10, 2013
Colossal Coffee Collection #2
"Great Flavorful Collection"
A great collection of really flavorful smokes. Can't beat the price for a collection of these 4 brands. Love the Isla Del Sols, Tabak is okay, the Tatiana is a good one as is the Solo Cafe. Very happy with this collection and would buy again.
Larry in Nashville, TN May 10, 2013 November 24, 2012
Colossal Big Ring Collection #1
"AWESOME selection!"
This is one of the best samplers I have EVER ordered. I like the 6X60 size and this selection gives me flavor and easy smokes! Going to make this a monthly purchase!
Rodney in Nevada October 24, 2012
'Old Money' Smoker's Selection
"ordered several times"
No disappointments here. Especially liked the Sancho Panza and the Camacho Triple Maduro. Tend to be a "medium" body smoker. Very good bang for the buck.
rockme300 in easton pa August 5, 2012
Colossal Coffee Collection #1
All four cigars are very tasty, but I'd have to say the Tabak is my favorite. I find it amusing that three of the four brands here are made by Drew Estate. Granted the Java was a joint venture between Rocky and Drew. Either way, very tasty sticks at an unbeatable price!
Ben in Texas July 6, 2012
Colossal Overstock Sampler #3
"Good Deal"
This sampler is a great deal, you get at least three sets of cigars that I know are very good the others are rated decent as well. I had one sancho panza which appeared damaged from shipping, but otherwise they were in great shape.
Charles in Weed, CA April 19, 2012
'Old Money' Smoker's Selection
"Ordered it again!"
It's like the one reviewer put it, the ones I had not heard of were the best!
Robert D. in Michigan August 2, 2011
Colossal Overstock Sampler #6
"Great DEAL!"
This is a great sampler for the money. The La Aurora and Cain cigars were SUPERB! Will be ordering another in the very near future.
Brett in Minneapolis April 28, 2011
Evolution by Rocky Patel