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The 'Dream Team' Collection
"Very Good Deal"
Good deal on these cigars. All are good. Some better than others, but no "bummers" Have bought several times, and will continue to do so.
Robert Anderson in Brodhead Wisconsin December 1, 2010
The 'Dream Team' Collection
"Dream Team?"
I'm sorry but the name Dream Team is just not the appropriate name for this sampler. Dream Team implies individuals that are so spectacular that to have them all at one place at one time is highly improbable or impossible. This is not a Dream Team of cigars. It's a group of average to good cigars at a good price.
Steven in Atlanta July 5, 2010
'Old Money' Smoker's Selection
"Great Value, Great Sticks!"
Bought the "Old Money Selection" having smoked some of the brands included before. Wow! Some of the lesser known, were the best of the bunch! Scored highly in all categories. If you got $70 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, buy this sampler. You won't be dissapointed!
Todd in Seattle May 21, 2010
The 'Dream Team' Collection
"pass on this one"
sorry, it's just not a good value. spend your money on quality.
John in St Cloud May 2, 2010
The 'Dream Team' Collection
"Not very good"
For the price you will be dissappointed as there are really only two cigars worth smoking in this pack. The Raul Chavez is awful.
Randy in USA January 25, 2010
'El Verano Famoso' Sampler
"Good Selection!"
Great Deal and Great Cigars, what else could you ask for! Maybe not so dry! Other than that no problems here! Nothing the humidor cant fix!
JG in NC Mountains September 10, 2009
'El Verano Famoso' Sampler
"Ok but real dry!"
Our's were a little dry, most of the time we get good ones from famous but these where too dry! Not worth the money unless ours is the only bad bag! Put them in the humidor and maybe we can save them!
JG in Western NC Mountains August 18, 2009
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