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Compounds, Elements, And Musings Reviews

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CEM Xenon
"Great unusual cigar!"
I smoked one of these last night and all I can say is Wow! These cigars certainly live up to the hype. This is a dark box pressed beauty. The pre-burn aroma %26 taste were different with an aged tobacco/dark chocolate taste. Burn was even. Draw was medium. The taste was the unique part creamy, some cocoa, and vanilla. I have never experienced a cigar with such an ever evolving taste profile. The cigar remained smooth right down to the nub. Compare this to a good red wine with a complex profile. I have had pricier cigars that delivered a lot less. Try some before they are gone forever!
Lou in Tequesta, Fl April 10, 2014
CEM Gold
"Interesting Cigar"
I tried the AU - Gold cigar. The cigar had construction issues. The wrapper was falling apart while being smoked but I could have just gotten a bad one in the batch. The Gold was a mild to medium cigar with hints of cream, leather and slight sweetness. Just an ok cigar in my opinion and had some burn issues as it was uneven.
Anthony in California November 8, 2013
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La Floridita Gold