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Conuco Reviews

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Conuco Robusto
"A friend gave this stick to me"
How could I have known that this gem would make me rip dough out of my pocket so I could claim to have some on hand. The whole experience was a delight.
Mr. Blues in Central MN December 9, 2013
Conuco Robusto
"A Most Convincing Smoke"
I was gifted one of these dark beauties and the tasty full flavor held strong to the nub. Rich never bitter so I bought some and now they wait for me. It is a good smoke at a great price.
Mr. Blues in Central MN November 13, 2013
Conuco Robusto
"A Tasty Delight"
Nothing bad to say about this cigar. A nice med-full taste treat. Glad to have some on hand in case I want to smoke a rich but never bitter stogie.
Mr. Blues in Central MN November 9, 2013
Conuco Toro
"Not Bad for the Price"
Nice full flavor, the burn is a little rough, but not bad over all for the price!
Will in Indianapolis In August 27, 2013
Conuco Robusto
"My First Cigar"
These are the first cigars I have ever smoked. I bought 5 here last year, and have been forgotten about. Recently, I saw it on sale in a Sampler, and tried it again. Having smoked 30+ cigars in the year, including those crap cigars that don't even burn well and all. I have to say this one burns, draws, and tastes great. It's really creamy, and the after taste is really good, very complex that I definitely taste coffee in it. It's not spicy, nor weak, just right!! The sample D on sale only costs $13.99, so $5.25 for a single cigar is kinda expensive, but I won't hesitate to get 20 of these for only $2.5 each. These are a good cigar. I highly recommend it.
Will in Indianapolis In August 27, 2013 August 26, 2013
Conuco Robusto
"Excellent for the price"
Purchased a 10 pk. Nice draw,even burn throughout. Very smooth and creamy to the nub. Would recommend Conuco to all my friends. Will most definitely be stocking some of these in the humi.
Kane in Oley,Pa. May 30, 2013
Conuco Toro
"man...what a treat"
got 5 of these free with coupon, excellent cigar, great taste and aroma, the construction is outstanding, burned even, only rated 80 ? i'll add 10 points to that, at 3 bucks i will buy some of these in the future
russell in brigantine,nj September 3, 2012
Conuco Test Flight
"Excellent Value!"
These are all excellent cigars! Great construction, even burn, nice flavors, all at a wonderful low price!
Justin Y. in Arizona August 6, 2012
Conuco Robusto
"Great Cigar"
This is a great cigar and comparable to others at half the price. The draw is a little tight. My solution is to make sure the cigar is well humidified and then to roll it a wee bit. This opens the draw and provides prodigious smoke. The flavor is excellent with a bit of leather and a wee bit of cream. I’ll be ordering several more.
Steve in Carrollton, TX July 31, 2012
Conuco Sixty
"I'm captivated"
I'm new to cigar smoking, but have acquired a nice variety of smokes thanks to FSS Monster and CigarAuction. I've tried Conuco a number of times and kept thinking back how much I enjoyed the flavor and the way each one burned. The Sixty has really caught my attention. I go for this one now whenever I have some good undisturbed, cigar-time. That's why I'm saddened to see they're on the Close-out list. I wish I could buy enough Sixties to last for all my remaining cigar-times ...
Rudy in Wisconsin July 12, 2012
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