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Conuco Reviews

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Conuco Robusto
"Diamond in the Rough"
No need for touch-ups whatsoever, not even per se but certainly self-correcting. The best thing about this stick is its unique flavor consisting of multiple sweet tones (due to the Costa Rican tobacco); not only that, the filler is mostly ligero without a doubt - strong but smooth. don't just buy this stick - buy boxes of these! You won't be disappointed. :) :)
David S in San Antonio, TX June 7, 2012
Conuco Robusto
"Better than many cigars three times the price."
My 5 pack was dated 2009 and it showed... In a good way. The cigar was nicely aged, smooth and mellow Not as full flavored as some of the reviews, which I prefer, but still with all the right flavors. You can't beat the price.
Arthur in Napa Valley, CA June 2, 2012
Conuco Sixty
"conucoSISTENCY-ALL THE WAY-grrreat"
hey i got it in the sampler, man this thing had to be the most consistant cigar i smoked in a while, all the way to the end ,i couldent put it down...great aroma and taste, smooth not to strong, the construction was solid it looked good...a really good cigar
russell in brigantine,nj February 4, 2012
Conuco Sixty
"I was very surprised ."
One great smoke for the price .Relaxing slightly sweet taste with a glass of merlot .
clyde in west linn , oregon January 19, 2012
Conuco Robusto
"Picky Cigar Guy - Glad I Took a Chance"
I am a very picky cigar smoker. In my mind there are plenty of cigars but only a few make my grade. That is why I am such a Rocky Patel fan. I took a big chance on purchasing a Rocky sampler pack and that is how I stumbled upon the robusto Conuco. This is a great cigar.
Rick W. in Kansas City, Missouri January 15, 2012
Conuco Robusto
"Great Smoke!"
I loved this cigar! Great full flavor with a thick smoky experience. The ash was superb.
Dewayne in Arkansas December 18, 2011
Conuco Sixty
"It's Okay"
Not a bad cigar for the price. The only gripe is this stick just didn't burn even.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. November 10, 2011
Conuco Robusto
"Great! Don't let the low price scare you."
With a sub $2.50 price tag when on sale, these are a bargain! Tasted like an excellent $8 full-body smoke with nice earth and wood tones, a slight touch of coffee and every now and then I swear I got a super subtle hint of cherry.
k00k October 20, 2011
Conuco Toro
"My new favorite"
This is a great smoke and an awesome price. The taste is rich and full and the smoke is perfect. It has a decently strong flavor, especially for a natural wrapper. Buy some and you won't be sorry.
James in Fayetteville, Ar October 18, 2011
Conuco Robusto
"Great Cigar"
I am a Rocky Patel fan,this the first time I tried the Conuco and I am sold. Great burn, great taste,great ash just a great cigar.
Sabatino Frigone in New Castle, Pa October 14, 2011
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