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Conuco Reviews

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Conuco Corona 5 Pack
"((( Vast Improvment )))"
Now that The Conuco Corona has had a 10 month rest in the humidor, I'm reviewing it again. This corona is medium in strength and sports a bumpy, somewhat vainy, cinnamon colored wrapper. The burn is clean and even, and the cigar easily supports a one inch, salt and pepper colored ash. The Conuco Corona opens with strong notes of oak and ceder in the nose, that continues throughout the burn. Sweet tobacco taste brushes the pallet, with notes of black pepper coming through on the finish..The burn time for this cigar is 70 minuets. On a scale of 1 to 10 I now rate this corona 8 Note-- opinion-- The cigar has improved dramatically, after an 9 month rest in the humidor. So give it time.
Robb Hughes in Michigan April 26, 2011
Conuco Robusto
I was pleasantly surprised with this great full of flavor cigar. Received in a variety pack as a freeby and will definately be buying a box for my humi. Excellent burn, taste and very well built. Do yourself justice and try this little guy, you won't be disappointed.
Kelly in Seattle August 1, 2010
Conuco Robusto
"good call"
I found out what cigar I like by trial and error and I have smoke alot of different cigars in 5 yrs. Buying this cigar was one of my good calls and I have made some poor choices to know. The Conuco is awesome! A perfect burn, great draw nice creamy earthy taste perfect construction and good apearance. I left a couple in the humidor for a month and they got BETTER! I spend alot of time smoking Rockey Patel, Alec Bradley and Padrone and I to say they give me the same enjoyment. Enjoy a box. Thanx Famous!!
Lee in Philadelphia Pa July 17, 2010
Conuco Corona
"((( Lacks Complexity )))"
The Conuco Corona, sports a nice, although somewhat bumpy, chocolate colored wrapper. This corona is medium in strength, well constructed, and has a good draw. The burn of the cigar is ragged, with a loose ash. This corona stings the nose with hints of wood and earth through out the burn, and leaves a bitter after taste in the mouth. The cigar may benefit from more time in the humidor. Burn time for this cigar is approximately 50 minuets. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this cigar 4
Robb in Michigan June 28, 2010
Conuco Robusto
"One of the very best "house brands" Famous offers"
These babies are good - first, last and always. I can honestly compare them to any Rocky Patel product - they always measure up. When Famous introduced (re-introduced??) these I was pleased to see such a truly good smoke available at a very good price. The prices have risen since - and like a lot of Famous' line, it seems they have risen much more than SCHIP caused - but they are still a very good cigar at a fairly decent price. I don't smoke as many as I did, because of the price, but I still like to grab one of the ones from the depths of my humi, and fire it up.
Rick in Missouri June 9, 2010
Conuco Petite Corona
"Good flavor, but flawed construction."
Actually a very nice cigar as far as flavor goes. I've smoked 3/4 of the box so far and several cigars have had a very uneven burn. I'll wait before reordering.
Tom in Connecticut June 8, 2010
Conuco Sixty
"Pleasantly Surprised"
Nice smoke for the money. I am planning on buying more. Relatively medium body, nice slow smoke.
Sam in Birmingham May 21, 2010
Conuco Test Flight
Bought these with a free 5 cigar Rocky Patel sampler. these cigars burn really good and have a full flavor. I like the Rocky Patels, but I'm buying more Conuco's.
Leland Pratt in Reno, NV May 6, 2010
Conuco Sixty
fatty in lusby March 16, 2010
Conuco Robusto
If FULL FLAVOR is what you want, then this could be your smoke. I found it to have a great appearance and pre-light smell, nice and firm throughout. Burn was excellent and NEVER strayed. I thought I was going to have to PUNCH the ash off, it was so strong. Great construction. The draw was excellent (I use a punch) and the smoke was full. This was for sure, a STRONG earthy cigar that got a "little" creamy toward the halfway point and stayed that way to the end. Very Good FULL body cigar!
MARK in CARY, IL February 16, 2010
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