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Cordoba Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Not Bad"
I got this on sale for around $70. It did take forever to charge but I don't have any issues with keeping my cigars in perfect shape. The seal is perfect and it holds a fare amount of cigars. I could never get 200 cigars in there but all humidors over state their capacity.
Chuck in Baltimore February 20, 2012
"dont waste your $"
Garbage...walnut looks like someone ran a router over it...fake burled everything.
dan Zampich in November 19, 2010
"Cheaper than it looks, and humidifier always falls"
Looks nice upon opening the box, but then you realize it's another cheaply-made China chitzbox. The wood was so dry, it took over a month to properly "charge" it to an appropriate humid state. Seals okay, and now that it's charged, it's adequate for aging my stogie stash, but the cheap black-plastic humidifier included is not perfectly straight so it never flushly seats with the magnets, falling onto my cigars every few days and splashing a few water drops onto them. (If not that, then the sticky metal bases to which the magnets attach will pull off the wood and it falls again.) Locating humidifiers on lids is a BAD design.
Dr. P in Greenville, NC May 23, 2009