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Coronado by La Flor Reviews

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Coronado By La Flor Double Toro
"Impressive, Interesting, Unique!"
I just finished one of these off and I must say I'm quite impressed. I was amazed at how well this cigar was constructed. It had a PERFECT draw! Not to tight not to loose. It lasted much longer than expected. The flavor was clean and sweet and paired nice with a fine cream sherry. I would say the experience the construction provided in comparison to every other cigar I've smoked made this cigar special. I'm hooked now!
Tom in Dallas, TX July 19, 2008
Coronado By La Flor Corona Gorda
"great cigar with a lot of attitude."
la flor you really know your cigars a+ all the way.
barry in westchester May 13, 2008
Coronado By La Flor Double Corona
"One of the best, gorgeous smoke!"
This is one of the best cigars I've had! The construction is perfect, the draw is perfect and it just feels so refreshing on your palate. Very flavorful with floral, buttery, cedary, leather, and caramel notes, full of tasty spices. This cigar is so smooth I forgot that it is a full bodied cigar. Wonderful smoke with a great price.
Danny L. in Austin, Texas March 1, 2008
Coronado By La Flor Double Corona
"The Best Smoke of 2006!"
Are you kidding me! This is the best smoke of 2006. The local B&M's in my area don't even carry it. What are they thinking! Too bad for their business. I'll buy boxes of these online anyday. I'm waiting for a backorder to arrive as I write this. Take your time with this one. It is smooth from start to finish, but can leave your head spinning. And that is not a bad thing. This cigar is a well constructed vacation from reality. Enjoy
Jeff Fitzgerald in Southern Oregon December 26, 2007
Coronado By La Flor Double Corona
"Something very special here"
Ok, so I bought one of these because C.A. rated it #2 for 2006. Was it everything they said it was? It truely was. I am baffled by the lack of response from smokers on this site...could it be due the fact that this ones a little harder to find? Anyway I must respectfully dissagree with the guy who said this one was very harsh or very full body or whatever...obviously, you have not smoked some of the cigars I have that are truely full body...this baby is smooth as silk from the start, it builds flavor as you go(and there is much to savor) burns great...and believe me, when you get to the half-way point, WOW!!This cigar is not harsh or too heavy to me but just smooth all the way, delivering a consisntantly flavorful experience that gets better every inch...
Jon in New Jersey September 29, 2007
Coronado By La Flor Corona Gorda
Great cigar. This is not a strong cigar, it is very full flavor and full body, but it isn't harsh.The cigar is very developed, it is very smooth for the first half then picks up at the half way point
Richard Plasencia in FL July 22, 2007
Coronado By La Flor Double Toro
"great smoke"
This is a great smoke, it is a strong cigar in that it has a lot of flavor but it is not harsh, not overwhelming, very big cigar, very well aged, tons of flavor, beautiful pumpkin color wrapper, good for any smoker,
Richard in Miami,FL June 21, 2007
Coronado By La Flor Corona Gorda
"Great Cigar but very Strong!!!!"
This Cigar is not for the new cigar smoker, it will knock you down on your butt!! Smoke it very slow take your time. Great cigar, Dont buy it if you are not into srong cigars. I will rate this Cigar a 91.
Emerson Alvarez in FL May 30, 2007
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