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Coronado By La Flor Corona Gorda Reviews [view details]

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"Overpriced for average cigar"
Good looks and high price get you only average flavor. My box was very dry and hand rolled hard.
Robert in Memphis February 21, 2009
"great cigar with a lot of attitude."
la flor you really know your cigars a+ all the way.
barry in westchester May 13, 2008
Great cigar. This is not a strong cigar, it is very full flavor and full body, but it isn't harsh.The cigar is very developed, it is very smooth for the first half then picks up at the half way point
Richard Plasencia in FL July 22, 2007
"Great Cigar but very Strong!!!!"
This Cigar is not for the new cigar smoker, it will knock you down on your butt!! Smoke it very slow take your time. Great cigar, Dont buy it if you are not into srong cigars. I will rate this Cigar a 91.
Emerson Alvarez in FL May 30, 2007
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