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Costa Rican Wingman #1 Reviews [view details]

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"Lost expectations"
I was hoping for more than I got. The first Olde World Reserve I received as a birthday gift in December. Due to the weather I let it rest in my humidor until spring with high hopes. The burn was every way to Sunday wrong...It tunneled,canoed and was uneven. I had to relight twice. The same has happened to both types of Rocky's in the Dutch Schultz wise but. The only saving grace is the flavor of the Honduran classic but the way these cigars burn makes it not worth the effort. Even the Te Amo's I purchased burn better and with more consistency. Sorry Dutch,I'll keep looking for that treasure elsewhere.
Edward Roth in Michigan August 15, 2011
"Wised Up!"
Famous smoke has done it again an amazing deal and even better stogies. Got here fast unlike anything I ever order and they were in great condition(sure one was a bit cracked, but it made for a great chew.) I keep telling all my friends about this place although I may have to stop, they're gonna by all my darn cigars!
Richard in Japan May 7, 2011
"I love you Dutch"
WOW what a great sampler I don't often have the money For Rocky Patels but I treated my self and glad I did. Both of the cigars in this pack are great tasting the burn and constuction are perfect I will buy this sampler again
Lee in Phila Pa January 29, 2010
"Unbelievable Buy!"
I'm a relatively new cigar smoker but I've yet to find a better bang for the buck than this 'kit'. The OWR's by Rocky sell for $12 each from the online discount houses. Gettin' 'em for $4 here! The Honduran Classics are pretty much at their standard 'cigar wholesale house' prices but still a great buy on a great cigar. The OWR, in my opinion, tastes remotely similar and just as good as some of the upper end Padron's. Has as good a finish as any cigar I've ever smoked, including Cuban. However, be aware these are full flavored smokes! Not for the faint of heart!
Cliff in OK March 18, 2009
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