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Criss Cross Smooth Blend Pipe Tobacco 16oz. Reviews [view details]

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"its al good"
tried several different brands really like the best it works well in my auto electric rolling machine. this product is a must try for all smokers that does not want to pay the cig tax !
robert merrill in long beach May 23, 2014
"No good"
This is not a good tobacco for you if : You like good tobacco, You live within 10 miles of other people, or if you want to enjoy your smoke rather than chief it down like a beginner. The room tone is intolerable. You may as well unroll some cigarettes and dump the tobacco in your pipe.
Dan in Bethlehem PA November 21, 2013
"love this tobacco"
I have tried lots of different tobacco. But this is my favorite. It really is smooth. It's not harsh on your throat like some are.
Lori in Ohio August 2, 2013
"Dont waste your money"
Criss Cross Smooth pipe tobacco is made from domestically-grown, floor sweepings and stems. You'll waste more time trying to get this garbage to work, than you will smoking.
in February 25, 2013