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"Great product!"
I have been wanting an alternative to smoking, especially with the cold weather. I bought one of these, and they work fantastic. So easy to do inside without a bad smell. Great price, I am sold on this product!
Cait in PA February 20, 2015
I love this product! It is so smooth and mild. NOTHING harsh about it!
Onyx in December 29, 2014
"Good, 3 Out of 5"
This vape is pretty good, 2 wicks, easy to charge and fill only problem is that it is not as smooth as other vapes. Even with a vg blend vape it still gives a nasty throat hit. It over heats easily also. This is my main vape pen. I need to clean it often though due to how much I use it. But I got it for $20 at my local smoke shop and for that price I really can't complain. I would recommend something smoother for first time vape users, but if you need something for cheap that works good I would recommend this one. I have had it for about 5 months now. I have 4 other vapes aswell. 1 for dry herbs, 2 I use my home made e-juices with, and this one and my zig-zag vape I use for the e-juices I purchase online or at stores. 3 out of 5
in November 12, 2014
I LOVE my Criss Cross vapor pen. While I was at our local smoke shop to buy a fake cigarette, the distributor from Criss Cross was there and showed me the vapor pen. At first I thought about how ugly and bulky it looked but then for the cost and savings, I thought that I would give it a try. Am I glad that I did!!! I haven't had a cigarette in 7 months. I just love my vape pen. Even with the fake cigs I would still smoke, not with my vape pen!! The money that I have saved also. My favorite flavor is wintergreen. I am so thankful for the rep. that showed me this product. Thank you at Criss Cross for letting me be smoke free!!!
Patty in Greensburg, PA. September 1, 2014