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Cruz Real Reviews

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Cruz Real Petit Corona Connecticut Limited Ed. 5 Pack
"Don't waste your $"
Burn, Draw, Appearance and Construction were all fine. However the taste was terrible and left a real bitter aftertase. Did not enjoy at all.
Ed in South Carolina March 29, 2013
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"left a bad taste in my mouth"
Tasted ok while smoking. Need to stop about half way through or they get bitter. Leaves an awful after taste that makes them not worth smoking.
Mikael in Dubuque, IA September 3, 2012
Cruz Real Robusto
"Fantastic cigar, my favorite....."
I began smoking cigars about 6 months ago, tried many brands and styles but the Cruz Real Robusto is what I chose.Excellent burn and taste.
Buz in North Louisiana May 19, 2012
Cruz Real Robusto
Its ok. Had an even burn. Seems to burn super fast. The flavor is nothing to jump up and down about but its not disgusting either. I'd pass on this one in the future. Won it in an auction in a sampler. If you have someone who likes cheap smokes I'd say give em this one since you will want to get rid of it.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 19, 2012
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"Worst tasing cigar ever"
I bought this cigar from famous smoke shop recently on clearance, It had Rocky Patel's name thrown around all over the place. I have heard good things about rocky's cigars, but this was aweful. It was well constructed, and burned well (for the first and only half of it i smoked. I gave it a fair chance) It had this horrable aftertaste. Like onions or something. Really strong really gross onions. I love onions even, but this taste was just horrible.
Will in Florence KY February 29, 2012
Cruz Real Robusto
"Wonderful Whiffs"
I bought a fiver on a promotion when I called in an order & regretted after hanging up. I'm glad now I bought. Among the things I like best in smoking is to catch a whiff of smoke with the pure essence of the wrapper, why I love VSG Enchantment. Wonderful whiffs from this cigar the whole length of the robusto. Just bought another 5.
FNA in NJ February 16, 2012
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
I got 5 of these in a wise guy deal, and I have to say that after having three, they did not live up to my expectations after reading the positive remarks about the sticks here. The burn was nothing special, the draw and construction were fine, however what I found failed was the taste. All three of the cigars I had began extremely bitter and harsh, leaving a terrible aftertaste which continued into the smoke. Even though the flavor improved, giving off a smooth slightly sweet taste with hints of cocoa at times, the bitterness would occasionally return and again contaminate my palette. It is very unfortunate, I was hoping these would be better. They had potential at times yet failed to deliver.
Cjriorda October 31, 2011
Cruz Real Corona
"Lacking Flavor"
Lit one up with a friend and he nor I were very impressed. The flavor is a large draw back of the cigar and they both went out with 3 inches left to go. Needless to say we did not relight them
Cjriorda October 31, 2011 July 18, 2011
Cruz Real Robusto
"Cruz Real"
Had an extremely bitter taste throughout the whole cigar. I very rarely waste my cigars and toss them. I couldn't even find it in me to give these cigars away. Ended up in the trash.
Jimmy in Boston, Ma June 5, 2011
Cruz Real Robusto
"A decent smoke"
I got a single in a sampler so can't attest much to consistency from stick to stick. To me, there was nothing horrible about this cigar. As good a burn as some really expensive smokes I have had, draw was fine, and decent tobacco taste. Those are the only things I really care about in any individual cigar. Appearance is meaningless, and if the burn and draw are good, then that to me means the construction is good. Maybe it's just me, but I did not taste any hints of vanilla as others have said. It was more of just an overall toasty tobacco flavor, not filled with tons of complexity like a My Father cigar, but nothing to complain about either.
Occasional smoker in Souther California May 20, 2011
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