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Cruz Real Reviews

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Cruz Real Toro Sumatra
"It won't stay light"
had 2 so far and can not keep it light.
Du in Texas December 22, 2008
Cruz Real Toro
"I see potential..."
I got one of these in a sampler. I loved it! So I bought a box and let them sit in my humidor for a week. Once I broke them out, I'd smoke about two a week. Every one tasted great. But I won't order them again until I hear they've fixed some issues. Only one third would burn consistently. I really enjoyed those ones. Unfortunately, two out of three would tunnel, canoe or crack the wrapper badly. I loved the good ones. But I can't recomend them at this time.
Jim in Left Coast November 8, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"Rich, Powerful, and Smooth"
Trying a 5-pack which just arrived today. What a great new cigar this is! Rich and powerful tobaccos aged to mellow smoothness. No trace of bitterness or harshness. Very full body of wood, leather, and earth masterfully blended. Easy draw with huge volume of smoke. Nice oily wrapper, can crack if smoked too quickly.
Brewster in Los Angeles, CA October 30, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"Very impressive right off the UPS truck"
I couldn't help myself and I tried a Cruz Real Sumatra robusto right off the UPS truck. Very nice... Perfect burn, tasty, and a fine looking wrapper. I got a little taste of Rocky's Vintage 1992 in the first inch, probably due to the common wrapper. I smoked it past the band without any bitterness. I'd call the Cruz Real robusto closer to medium than full, but I smoked an RP Edge about an hour before which could have biased my palate. I'll let the others sleep for a month or two and report back.
Steven in Hot 'lanta October 17, 2008
Cruz Real Lonsdale Sumatra
"Taste Not Bad at All but Inconsistant Construction"
Very inconsistant construction, Flavor fairly good. Have smoked five - 1st would not stay lit, 2nd started ok then tunneled about 2 inches then would not stay lit, 3rd & 4th smoked well start to finish. 5th smoked well for about 1 inch then started tunneling after that would not stay lit gave up and threw it away. I would not mind trying the Churchill to see if they are more consistant in construction. Will not buy Lonsdale again!! They look great on the outside but the inside seems to be a roll of the dice. Will she smoke or will she not!
James in Texas October 17, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"Great cigar"
Awesome draw taste and burn. This cigar is the best medium bodied cigar i have had to date. With a flawless draw that produces ample amounts of smoke every puff, you cant go wrong. This cigar produces a medium strength yet full flavored cigar packed with sweet leathery flavors with a bittersweet coffee and caramel undertone towards the end of the cigar. Awesome smoke!!!! and worth every penny. Reminds me of a better excalibur epicure maduro
Steve in Michigan October 9, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"take a cruz for a cruise"
i really dig a good sumatra cigar. and this is up there with my favorites. after getting one in a sampler i fired it up after a couple of weeks of rest in the cedar. the cigar has an easy draw a dead even burn and a solid ash. the wrapper was nice and oily. the flavor starts out very spicey but settles down after an inch. then it is very creamy with notes of carmel subtle spice and an aroma that was the sweetist i have ever smelled. well done!
gary in medford oregon June 19, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto
I was really looking forward to these as something bold and tasty. Constructed well, burns good, but it stops there they are bland to me. Nothing stands out with this smoke then others I have. Not a terrible smoke but not worth the price.
George in S.A June 12, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto
"One Of The Best..."
I got this cigar with a rocky patel sampler pack....I see myself buying box's and box's of these...This cigar has a OUTSTANDING FLAVOR!!! CRUZ REAL is a MUST TRY CIGAR!!!! I cant say enough good things about the cruz real robusto...A true winner
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq May 3, 2008
Cruz Real Robusto Sumatra
"Surprised me"
I got a Cruz Real Robusto as part of a freebie sampler on my last order. I read the reviews and decided to try this one this morning before heading off to work. Over all good construction, burn was nice and fairly even. Started out on a medium note with a slight hint of spice. Not too bad but wasn't what I'd read in the reviews. UNTIL I got about 1/3 into it. About then, the spice came alive and the flavor exploded. I really enjoyed this cigar and will surely put it in my rotation. Started medium then as described turned into a full bodied/flavored cigar. Good choice if you like La Flor Dominicana, Joya de Nic, or something along those lines like I do!
Dave in Nashville May 1, 2008
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